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Best Multiplayer Games for Android, iPhone and iPad



Mobile platforms Android, iPhone and iPad offers numerous multiplayer game where you can test your skills against friends or other players around the world.

Initially, the games dedicated to smartphones and tablets were limited largely to single player, and this is enough for many of us especially when you want to relax yourself on the couch.
However, in any game, AI tends to be quickly understood and become repetitive and therefore boring. For extra bit of adrenaline is worth playing a multiplayer game, since this way you can play against friends if they are not available or against other players online from around the world.

Asphalt 7: Heat is one of the most popular car games for mobile platforms, and one of its advantages is the multiplayer mode. You can play against five friends via a local connection or over the Internet. Asphalt Tracker option allows you to view statistics for each of them or finds new rivals to race that have similar performances to yours.

N.O.V.A 2 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance is dedicated to FPS gamers with a light tint of SF, quality graphics and various weapons that you have at your disposal. In multiplayer mode you can play with up to 10 people locally or online and you have 10 maps and five game modes (Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag and InstaGib), so it is quite hard to get bored.

Raging Thunder 2 is a racing game with less impressive graphics than in the Need For Speed series, but has the advantage that exists in a free version. In multiplayer you have the opportunity to play arcade racing with up to three opponents, but in single-player racing there are other types that you can try against the AI.

Real Racing 3 is especially appreciated for its top graphics, but also has a unique multiplayer mode called Time Shifted Multiplayer. So instead of playing in real time with others, play with up to 21 other players controlled by AI which previously covered the same event. This way you can measure your skills with your friends without having to play at the same time.

Starfront: Collision, the game is happening on the planet Sinistral where the human race Consortium, the aliens Myriad and the robots Wardens are fighting for Xenodium crystals. Sounds like Starcraft and so it is, a RTS strategy game with 5 multiplayer maps available in local or online mode and has access to Gameloft Live platform.

Even though it is only a few years old, the gaming market for Android and iOS platforms developed at a rapid pace. Therefore, today there are many good games that you can try in multiplayer with friends, regardless of genre preference.