24 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a potent device and it is a looker. The South Korean firm’s mobile packs a stunning edge-to-edge curved display, a beefed-up camera, even a top-notch chip, and a digital helper powered by artificial intelligence. However, like most devices of this Galaxy S8’s quality, maybe not every feature is simple to use or see. Fortunately, we have spent enough time together with the Galaxy S8 for a deal on a couple of its most useful features. Here are our favorite Galaxy S8 hints and secrets to get you started.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks

Here, we will present to you 24 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks. List is given below:

1. How to get free Kindle ebooks and more with Made for Samsung apps?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Kindle

The best way to Find free Kindle ebooks and much more with Manufactured for Samsung apps.

You May Have noticed that the Galaxy Apps icon inside the Samsung folder Of your program drawer and wondered exactly what it was. You probably guessed it another type of the Google Play Store, also as you are not far wrong because estimation, it might have been an error to write off it entirely.

This is where you will find variations of popular apps which have been specifically tweaked to work better with your Galaxy S8 — and — you will also find apps which have special offers only for Samsung Galaxy owners.

If you are a routine Samsung DeX Station user, then there is a part of apps that work together with your DeX desktop encounter, And a whole slew of games which were certified to operate on your Galaxy mobile phone. So whatever you are looking for, it is always worth popping your head to Galaxy Apps to determine if Samsung does it even better.

2. How to Utilize Your USB-C into USB-A OTG adapter?

Samsung Galaxy S8 USB-C to USB-A OTG adapter

Think back to when you unboxed your own Galaxy S8, and also the bizarre Adapter which might have dropped from the box on your hurry to get in your brand new phone. That tiny adapter forces Samsung’s Smart Switch, letting you quickly and easily join your old cell phone to an S8, and move any previous photographs, contacts, and other information on the new apparatus.

What You May Not have realized is exactly what else which small adapter is Effective at. By connecting the adapter into the USB-C slot in the base of your telephone, you can attach a large number of USB devices to your Galaxy S8, control other mobiles, or even plug in a wired match control in for much greater control of your favorite phone games.

On the other hand, the adapter requires a rather close fit to your S8’s charging port, so many instances are very likely to interfere with your capability to plug into the adapter. And if you plug a different phone’s charging cable to the adapter, it is going to draw juice out of your telephone, letting your S8’s strong battery to swoop in and rescue a buddy’s telephone from passing.

If you have lost your initial OTG adapter, then you can select a third party up one from Amazon; it is rather cheap.

3. How to utilize Bixby?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby

Bixby, Samsung’s brand new AI-powered helper, is a control from each display. Should you say,”Hey Bixby,” or tap on the Galaxy S8’s committed Bixby button, you will receive Bixby Voice, a Siri-like digital assistant that could send photos to friends and throw videos into a smart TV.

Highlight weather predictions, breaking news, and much more. Home learns your tastes and customs over time; should you typically call somebody after work, by way of instance, it is going to begin serving up that individual’s contact information at the right time every day.

There is more to Bixby compared to Home and Voice, Bixby Vision. Wish to turn off the Bixby key’s bothersome tendency to send one into the Bixby Home display with each casual button push? Holding the button activates Bixby’s voice orders though — there is no way to turn off that nonetheless.

4. Which is the best way to schedule a Physician’s appointment with S Health?

Samsung Galaxy S8 S-Health

As a result of deep integration using WebMD and Amwell, you can navigate drugs and symptoms, locate local pharmacies, schedule an internet visit with a physician, and book a consultation with a certified doctor.

The newest S Health program is capable of more. It may save info Regarding forthcoming appointments such as symptoms, photographs, prescriptions, and insurance advice, and it provides quick access to emergency services.

5. How to use new emoji?

Samsung Galaxy S8 new emoji

The Galaxy S8 ships using a package of fresh emoji out of Emoji 4.0, the most recent collection of icons accepted by the Unicode Consortium.

Applying them is as simple as pulling the Galaxy S8’s default keyboard and tapping on the emoji button. Afterward, it is only a matter of scrolling through the list till you locate the one you want.

6. The best way to turn off notifications for Certain apps

Samsung Galaxy S8 Turn-Off notifications

Endless notifications down you? What about alarms which Display sensitive content in your own lock screen? Do not worry that the Galaxy S8 enables you to mute and conceal notifications onto a per-app basis.

When there’s a particular app that has been telling you somewhat too frequently, you may mute it by manually tapping Settings > Notifications and then toggling from the program’s notifications. Hiding a program’s alarms from the lock screen is equally as straightforward. To accomplish this, tap Settings > Notifications and select which apps you need to conceal from the lock display.

7. The best way to tweak and enable Don’t Disturb Mode

Samsung Galaxy S8 tweak and enable don't disturb mode

To enable Don’t Disturb mode, swipe Back on the Galaxy S8’s fast Preferences and tap on the Do Not Disturb button. You’re going to find the choice to change it on instantly, and also to define a Do Not Affect schedule.

Don’t Disturb may also let particular notifications through if you decide to let it. See choices to permit repeat callers, let alerts, or define connections which could break through the Do Not Affect barricade. Additionally, you may set priority apps apps that constantly show alarms – by heading into Settings, Sound and Vibration > Do Not Disturb > Allow exceptions > Priority app notifications.

8. The best way to personalize the Galaxy S8’s volume amounts

Samsung Galaxy S8 Volume Levels

That is where the Galaxy S8’s quantity controls arrive in.

Fixing the Galaxy S8’s quantity is as easy as hitting up the volume Or down on the telephone’s left-hand side.

You can also change the Galaxy S8 to vibrate by shoving the quantity Button and tapping on the speaker icon at the consequent pop-up window, or by holding down the volume button till it slides all of the way to vibrate.

Placing your phone into silent is somewhat trickier, but it is not Hopeless. To accomplish this, swipe to get the Galaxy S8’s fast settings menu, and tap on the audio shortcut till you arrive at the Mute setting.

9. How to use this iris scanner?

Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner

Assessing your telephone by recording your eye unique vein arrangement. It is a fast, safe way to conceal your sensitive data from prying eyes, and it is relatively simple to calibrate.

When you tap on the button to bring an iris, you will be motivated to maintain the Galaxy S8 about 25-35 centimeters in the face. When you have set your own eyes at the circles displayed on the display and followed the drives, the scanner will probably spare your iris into the Galaxy S8’s protected storage.

It is very important to note that the iris scanner does not work with Decorative or sunglasses contact lenses. If you have experienced a watch surgery such as LASIK or LASEK, then you will want to re-register your iris the corneal changes can throw the scanner off.

10. The best way to replace your desktop computer with Dex

Samsung Galaxy S8 replace desktop with dex

If you have used Chrome OS, then you will feel right at home with Dex. The Apps found in resizable windows which encourage right-click works, copy-and-paste, along with other recognizable functions. Samsung worked with Microsoft and Adobe to maximize the 2 companies’ apps for Dex style, and will launch a program kit that allows programmers fine-tune their apps for Dex.

Dex works with almost any Android app, however a word of caution: Apps that don’t formally support it do not work that well.

11. The best way to personalize screen edges

Samsung Galaxy S8 screen edges

Customizable. The Edge panels the correct – and left-most surfaces of the curved display exhibit the weather, information, incoming text alarms, and much more.

To get them, drag from the top of the curved border. Should you Swipe a finger over either border once the display is off, you are going to receive Edge feed, a ticker tape of helpful info like missed calls, the moment, and much more.

Changing out border panels is simple. And you’re going to see three unique alternatives. The App Edge enables you to pick your 10 favorite Apps; the Folks Edge allows one to pick five contacts; the Tasks Edge enables you to place up to ten shortcuts for jobs.

You can tweak the appearance of these Edge panels from Settings > Edge display > Edge panels > Edge panel manage settings, here you will be able to see toggles to tweak the side the handle should appear on, what size it should be, its transparency and vertical postiion.

12. The best way to utilize Always-On display

Samsung Galaxy S8 Always on Display

The Galaxy S8’s Always-On Screen attribute retains the phone’s display Dimly lit even if it is switched off. You will see alarms for missed calls, incoming text messages, along with other useful information close to the display centre.

By default, the time is displayed, however, you are able to customize the look of this Always-On screen for your liking by going into Settings > Lock display and safety > On Screen . You can disable the feature entirely, or choose which contentyou’d Like to view: Clock (using a selection of clock mode ), Calendar, or Picture. Moreover, you may download and use new Always-On Display motifs in Settings > Backgrounds and themes > AOD.

13. How to multitask with Multi Window?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Multitask with multiwindow

The capability to use a number of windows is a godsend. You are able to watch videos while surfing the internet, as an instance, or copy text in a page to a email draft.

No matter the requirement, it is simpler than ever to utilize two Apps at the same time on the Galaxy S8.

To correct the size of a app, press and hold the white circle at the Middle of both app windows, drag it into the place you need, and let go. You may reverse the places of both open apps by pressing on the above white circle and tapping on the invert places button (furthest left from the Multi Window menu), or drag and drop content from 1 app to another by choosing the drag and drop articles button.

To minimize a app, tap on the white circle button and hit on the minimize button (the 2 arrows pointing toward each other at a box). To close a app, tap the X-shaped shut button.

14. How to use the Secure Folder?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Secure Folder

With the help of Galaxy S8’s Secure Folder, you can keep your files, photos, and apps hidden from the prying eyes. Files inside the folder can’t be opened without password, PIN or a fingerprint.

To Establish a secure folder, start Samsung’s Galaxy Store and hunt for (and set up ) the Secure Folder app. Finally, tap the recently made Secure Folder.

15. The best way to utilize 2 Bluetooth headphones simultaneously

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Headsets

Headphone jack. However, in the event that you’d rather hear songs wireless Bluetooth earbuds, fantastic news: You can certainly do it with a buddy. The Galaxy S8 supports simultaneous loading to up to 2 Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

To make the most, pair both Bluetooth devices by going into Settings > Bluetooth. Alter Bluetooth on whether it is not already, and choose the headphones in the listing. After that, follow the directions on the screen to couple them with your mobile phone.

16. How to use Food Mode

Samsung Galaxy S8 Food Mode

Looking to your Instagram game? The smartphone consists of a Food mode which optimizes shots for foodstuff.

To get at it, start the camera and swipe. If the round framework appears, press and drag it on the topic — the place outside it’ll be blurred. As soon as you’ve completed, hit on the Camera icon to catch a pic.

17. How to use Selective focus?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Selective focus

Envious of your iPhone 7-wielding buddies’ ability to shoot cool blurred shots. The Galaxy S8 features selective attention, a camera style that accomplishes pretty much the exact same thing.

As soon as you’ve opened the Camera app, swipe. Harness it, and decide on the Selective focus alternative. Decide on a place on the display in which you want the camera to concentrate, and hit on the Catch button once you are done. And pick in the 3 focus choices: Pan concentrate, which places the whole image in focus; Close focus, which concentrates on items in the foreground; and Much focus, which targets objects in the backdrop. Hit Conserve when you are done.

18. The best way to back up information to the Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud

If you apply the Galaxy S8’s pre-installed apps such as Contacts and Notes using some regularity, Samsung Cloud — a service which soon may find its own way to your PC — is still a fantastic way to back up your information. You receive 15GB of storage and a migration service which produces switching to some other apparatus a cinch.

There is more. And sync videos and photos. If you allow the app’s Auto Backup feature, it may conduct all that mechanically — after every 24 hours on Wi-Fi, assuming the handset’s display is off and it’s been linked to a power supply for an hour.

19. The best way to conserve space Using a MicroSD card

Samsung Galaxy S8 Micro SD Card

Smartphone consists of MicroSD card slot. Internal storage space by transferring games and apps to memory.

The approach is relatively simple. Open Settings, then choose apps . As soon as you’ve found the app that you need to proceed, tap it and hit on the Change button below the Storage Employed section. Select your own SD card and you are golden.

20. How to utilize accelerated charging

Samsung Galaxy S8 Accelerated Charging

The Galaxy S8 ships using Samsung’s Adaptive Quick Charge technology. In plain English, so it could juice up to five hours at only 5 minutes of charging, or 50 percent in a quarter hour.

To do this, Go to Settings-> Device Maintenance-> Advanced Settings-> Battery and check for Fast charger section. When you’ve discovered it, guarantee that the toggle is changed to the “on” position. You may try it by plugging in a compatible charger and cable — you will see a message from the Galaxy S8’s telling window.

Quick charging has marginally strict power demands. Due to this, Samsung suggests you stick with the in the box charging adapters instead of third-party accessories.

21. Turn your Mobile to a life-saver

Samsung Galaxy S8 Life Saver

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is not only a handset all of your mates will covet whenever you pull on it out of your pocket, it is also a system that might wind up saving your own life. In order for this to be the case, but you will have to allow the SOS Messages attribute.

As Soon as You’ve setup, Go to Settings-> Advanced Features-> Send SOS messages and fickle the toggle switch over the on position.

You can improve the Message beyond a typical alert and a place link also. You might even decide to attach pictures automatically captured by either the telephone’s front and back cameras or even a 5-second audio recording.

22. Rearrange your keys


Android’s Soft important controls are a really subjective thing. Some love them, others despise them, and while others will argue the rear key must be on the remaining three-key setup, others will argue that its true home is about the right of items. Well, thankfully, together with the Galaxy S8 it is possible to create your own decisions.

Any kind of setup your prefer, be it ‘Recents – Home – Back’ or ‘Back – Home – Recents’’, you are able to personalize the phone’s design to your requirements, simply visit Settings > Screen > Navigation bar > Button design, and also make your choice.

23. Create GIFs using videosSamsung Galaxy S8 Rearrange keys

What If it had been as simple to produce a GIF since it is to capture a movie? That is what Samsung is supplying with its Smart Select manner that permits the simple creation of societal media-friendly content.

This Wise video-to-GIF Converter is not only for videos you produce, however, since you’re able to nab pictures from pretty much wherever you prefer – like YouTube.

Swipe The border of the display to trigger Smart Select then select’Cartoon’. Create a box round the movie that you need to capture by shifting into the borders of its corners.
The part you desire. The wise tool will catch what’s playing that boxed region and convert it into a GIF. It will also reveal while recording, the document size and time you understand what you are making.

The document is saved to a telephone, which makes it super easy to talk about your miracle functions with the entire world.

24. Delete unused apps in bulk

Samsung Galaxy S8 Delete apps in bulk

We have Been there, installing heaps of apps once we get a brand new cellphone, only cause we could. Unfortunately, lots of these apps wind up going rancid, taking up valuable storage property. The most important problem is that moving through and uninstalling every app you do not use is a laborious and boring exercise.

If You wish to eliminate every fresh app immediately, visit your preferences, From there, You may just select all of the apps that you wish to uninstall, and then only get rid Of these.

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