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Best Services Which Allows To Use Disposable Phone Numbers And Receive SMS Online


In today’s age, it is very common to provide your phone number or at least an email address if you want to sign up for a service, to join a forum thread, to leave a comment on a blog or social media (you need to make an account of your own). What if you don’t want to provide your real address or you simply don’t want to receive annoying notifications, you now have the option to make a temporary disposable email address to avoid all the trouble.

However, the downside of a temporary email address is that it is not a secure system as it does not provide password protection feature. Many websites have come up with another method of verification – phone verification system where the user needs to type in a valid phone number to receive a randomly generated access code (through SMS or voice call) and input the code on the website to confirm they are a real person.

This type of verification resembles CAPTCHA verification used for distinguishing between real users and spam bots and preventing the user from owning multiple accounts. If there are reasons you want to receive an online SMS (privacy, the necessity of accessing a certain webpage/account/program etc.) then here is a brief list of 3 services that you might find useful:

  1. Receive-SMS.com

Receive-SMS.com is a website that allows you to receive SMS for free, without having the need to register. You can use one of the 8 demo public numbers currently listed (US primary international phone codes only) or register for free to buy private numbers. The only inconvenience is that all messages are displayed in the main page for everyone to view but if you want privacy you need subscribe to their private numbers where you get a personal inbox to see your SMS. However, avoid using this website if the message contains sensitive information (bank or credit card related details, personal information etc.)

  1. net & FreeOnlinePhone

Both ReceiveSMSOnline and FreeOnlinePhone are websites owned by the same company CIcklow and provide free services to receive messages online. Both are free services regarded as “fun projects” which don’t require any registration. Like any other similar services, both are ideal solutions for a person who wants to keep their real phone number private but still get messages or if their phone stopped working or they only have access to the web.

These two website have similar designs albeit different colors and you can easily access one when clicking on a category within the other. Both currently offer a total of 7 phone numbers as follows: 2 from Canada, 2 from United States, 2 from United Kingdom and one from Sweden. They sometimes replace the numbers that fail to receive text messages.

  1. Sellaite SMS RECEIVER

Estonia is the host country of the public phone number offered by Sellaite SMS RECEIVER which makes it slightly different from other services. Sellaite SMS RECEIVER is a reliable website because it quickly replaces phone numbers which are not working properly from their webpage with others that are functional. You can find mobile phone numbers to receive text messages online for free and without having the need to register. To see the messages you have received, all you need to do is select the phone number and click on it.

The drawback is that the service will not work if the SMS gateway cannot send an SMS to Estonia at some point although the number is listed as available. To view the message the number has received you have to simply click on the available online phone number. It also offers two other options: to send SMS messages to email addresses and to forward a text message to impulse user personal profiles. The former requires sending an SMS to the numbers presented on the webpage (currently only 2 numbers listed) in a special format and the latter requires sending a text message to any number available but the first word of the SMS must be the unique ID number of the user.