Best Smartwatches for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

There is an entire sea of smartwatches that you can buy. However, not all of them would always be compatible with your smartphone. And in the event that you choose a phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, your choices get even narrower if you wish to utilise the full functionality of your smartwatch. Therefore, here is a list of smartwatches that are best suited for the Samsung Galaxy S9. These watches are certainly worth it whether or not you own a Galaxy, and even owning a Galaxy will not hamper their functionality one single bit.

Samsung Gear S3

What better way to connect a smartwatch to your Samsung Galaxy S9 than to buy the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch which is built specifically for Samsung devices. The most attractive feature about this is the fact that Samsung smartwatches are built especially for Samsung smartphones, and while the smartwatches remain compatible to other Android devices as well, you can do many more wonders when you connect it to a Samsung Phone. Below is the list of features which it offers:

DISCOUNT Amount: $74.03
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch (Bluetooth), SM-R760NDAAXAR – US Version with Warranty

  • The Samsung Gear S3 comes with a 1.3 inch super AMOLED touchscreen display and a Corning Gorilla glass. Pure ruggedness.
  • Dual-core 1GHz CPU, 768MB RAM, 4GB internal memory. Enough specifications to impress most people on the planet.
  • IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certifications which make it resistant to high temperatures, shock, and water.
  • Bluetooth v4.2 for quick, wireless transfers and connection.
  • WiFi, NFC to quickly connect to nearby devices.
  • GPS to act as navigation when you’re lost.
  • A built-in mic to make or take calls using only your smartwatch.

Apart from these specifications, pairing your device will also give you other minor edges such as the ability to dismiss notifications, reply to texts, change songs, and basically control your phone remotely using only your Samsung Gear smartwatch. As an alternative, you may also consider going for the Samsung Gear S2 (Amazon) which is an older version of the Samsung Smartwatch, and is just as impressive as the Samsung Gear S3 even though it may not have specifications that are as good.

Buy Samsung Gear S3 on Amazon

Misfit Vapor

Now in the event that you wish to steer clear of Samsung smartwatches altogether, fret not. There are a lot of other premium smartwatches which will go absolutely smoothly with your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. Misfit vapor is one of those watches.

Misfit Vapor Touchscreen Smartwatch, Black

  • The Misfit Vapor is a standalone music player with additional internal storage for you to listen to your tunes on the go, wherever you want, however you want.
  • It also has a heart rate monitor and an activity tracker to meet all of your fitness needs.
    Water resistant up to 50m so that you can go for a swim without worrying about ruining your watch.
  • GPS to ensure that you’re on the right path.
  • Vibration alerts for emails, text messages, notifications, and calls.
  • Magnetic charger for better charging and battery life.
  • Assorted colours with many variations including cloth, rubber, and metallic straps.
  • It is also powered by the Wear OS by Google.

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Fossil Q Grant

The Fossil Q series boasts some impressive hybrid smartwatches. While none of them feature a huge, interactable dial on the front, they certainly make up for it with all their built in features and their analogue style. If you’re one who wants to stay connected to the new while revelling in the glory of the old, the Fossil Q series is for you. While, the Fossil Q series is full of hybrid smartwatches, the Fossil Q Grant sets itself apart just one tiny bit from the rest and would work wonders with the Samsung Galaxy S9. The features are as follows:

DISCOUNT Amount: $10.29
Fossil Q Men's Grant Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch, Color: Grey (Model: FTW1139)

  • The Fossil Q Grant has an Activity Tracker to help you out with all your fitness needs including steps, distance, and calories burned.
  • A boastful battery life of 1 year, since it is powered by a replaceable battery instead of a chargeable one.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Vibration alert for your notifications.
  • Customisable buttons to change the features of the watch to how you’d prefer them.
  • Automatic Time Zones for the travellers.
  • Remote Music and Camera Control.
  • Interchangeable Watch Straps for a fresh style for all occasions.

While all of these features prove to be really impressive about the Fossil Q Grant, the major drawback is the lack of a screen, which takes away the ability of your watch to use features like reading notifications and making calls from your watch. Furthermore, it also doesn’t have any GPS. However, the Fossil Q Grant and it’s cousins, the Fossil Q Marshal, Q Commuter, Q Nate, and the Q Machine are all great hybrid smartwatches worthy of the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+. In case you’d prefer a watch with a touchscreen, you might consider the Fossil Q Marshal instead.

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Huawei Watch 2

The Huawei Watch 2 is yet another marvel of a smartwatch which is quite compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9. The list of impressive features which this smartwatch boasts gives the Samsung Gear S3 a run for its money. If it weren’t for the native features which Samsung Devices offer, this would surely be on top of the list. Here is all that the watch has to offer:

DISCOUNT Amount: $175.00
Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch - Ceramic Bezel- Black Leather Strap(US Warranty)

  • A whole array of watch faces to choose from including the classic look and the smartwatch lockscreen.
  • Water resistant.
  • 4G sim support with an antenna to turn this into a phone on your wrist.
  • GPS to show you the way.
  • Heart rate monitor and workout data report to be your personal workout assistant.
  • Offline music with playback and storage ability.
  • NFC for various purposes.
  • Google Assistant for further help and support.
  • Calling feature straight from your smartwatch.

The Huawei Watch 2 is certainly one powerful force to be reckoned with. The smartwatch offers some wonderful features which can easily compete with the Samsung Gear S3. This is the perfect watch in case you’re looking an alternative to the Samsung Gear. The only downside is that the screen is bit tiny as compared to the competition.

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Nixon Mission

Nixon Mission is actually an Action Sports smartwatch with tons of features which make it ideal not only for action sports, but also for the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well. The features as offered by Nixon Mission are as follows:

DISCOUNT Amount: $0.05
Nixon Mission Action Sports Smartwatch A1167001-00. All Black Men’s Watch (48mm. Black Face/Black Silicone Band)

  • Built for action sports with integrated modules for skiing, snowboarding and surfing.
    The highest water resistance rating among smartwatches with 10 ATM of resistance to water pressure.
  • Patented MicLock technology for underwater use.
  • Shock resistant with Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • Automatic syncing to Google Services such as Google Fit, Google Play Music, Google Maps, and more.
  • Remote camera control.
  • Bluetooth functionality.
  • Thousands of watch faces.
  • Activity tracker, location services and information, and weather data.

Powered by the Wear OS, the Nixon Mission is more like the G Shock of smartwatches. This watch is a perfect match for those adventurers looking for a smartwatch to go with their Samsung Galaxy S9.

Motorola Moto 360

When it comes to Android, Motorola is one of the brands which simply cannot be ignored, owing especially to the fact that they produce amazing quality products at really reasonable prices. The Motorola Moto 360 is another one of its products which is a fit smartwatch for a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9. It has the following to offer:

Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) - Mens 46mm, Black with Black Metal

  • Built in GPS and fitness tracker app.
  • Voice commands for ease of use.
  • Heart Rate monitor.
  • Music Playback and remote music control.
  • Vibrant, adaptive display.
  • Dust and Water Resistant.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • 4GB internal storage and 512MB RAM.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU.
  • Adreno 305 with 450MHz GPU.
  • In built microphone.

ASUS Zenwatch 3

Yet another brand which is difficult to ignore is ASUS. And this time around, ASUS proved their mettle by launching the ASUS Zenwatch 3. Even though, this watch is lacking a few features here and there, it’ll still be a great smartwatch to go with your Samsung Galaxy S9. It offers the following:

Asus Smart Watch ASU-WI503Q (Dark Brown Rubber Strap)

  • Bright, high resolution AMOLED display.
  • Bluetooth, Customisable Buttons and Watch Face.
  • Interchangeable watch straps to further customise the smartwatch.
  • Activity tracker.
  • In built speaker.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Hands free gesture controls.

Although the smartwatch lacks certain features such as GPS and a Heart Rate monitor, it is still quite a good bet for most Samsung Galaxy S9 users and would go rather well with the phone.
You can order your ASUS Zenwatch 3 here.

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Garmin Fenix 5

If there was any other competition to the Nixon Mission, it is the Garmin Fenix 5. This watch is yet another watch built for adventurers looking to pair up their Samsung Galaxy S9 with a rugged and adventure worthy smartwatch. How well does it fare up to the Nixon Mission? Take a look for yourself:

DISCOUNT Amount: $42.23
Garmin Fenix 5 - Slate Gray with Black Band

  • In-built stainless steel EXO antenna with GPS to better track your activity and location.
    Elevate wrist heart technology to better measure your heart rate from the wrist instead of a chest strap.
  • Adaptive, bright backlight.
  • Advanced running dynamics.
  • VO2 max indicator to get more accurate data about your adventure and activity with features like Vertical Oscillation and Vertical ratio.
  • Recovery advisor for after workouts.
  • A 3-axis compass, barometer, and altimeter for those of you who loves to explore the new.
  • Swimming, Ski/Board, Golf, and Rowing modes.
  • GPS navigation.
  • Custom watch faces.
  • Notification alerts and remote management.

If anything, the Garmin Fenix 5 is an amazing smartwatch built for rugged use and all the adventure that a heart can handle. It is a great smartwatch to pair with your Samsung Galaxy S9. Alternatively, you may also go for the Garmin Fenix 3 HR.

Buy Garmin Fenix 5 on Amazon

All of these are smartwatches which are compatible to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Be it a Samsung product like the Gear S3, something for the rugged adventurer such as the Garmin Fenix 3 HR, or something as exoctic as the hybrid Fossil Q Grant, all watches have their own advantages and they all lack something which the others have. It now depends upon you to choose the one which suits you the best.

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