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Best Terrarium TV Alternatives for Android and iOS Smartphones


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People who enjoy watching movies and TV shows should consider downloading Terrarium TV. The reason we are saying this is because Terrarium TV makes it possible for everyone to watch their favorite shows directly on their Android powered smartphone. Terrarium TV also supports full HD 1080p videos and it offers the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

Even though Terrarium TV is an all-round great app, people are not forced to stick with it. There are numerous apps that are eligible to replace Terrarium TV on any given day because they offer similar features. In addition, some of these upcoming apps also work on iOS which means that Apple fans can also stream shows on their iPhones for free.

Cinema Box 2.0

The first thing we need to mention about Cinema Box 2.0 is that its supported by both Android and iOS. The app is known for allowing users to stream or download every video they want in full HD! Another highlight of Chrome Box 2.0 is the fact that its embedded with Chromecast support and with Apple TV for iOS users.

Popcorn Time

Just like Cinema Box 2.0, Popcorn Time can also be used by Android and Apple fans. The feature that makes Popcorn time stand out from the rest is that it doesn’t fill up precious mobile storage space with shows and movies. Popcorn Time downloads the desired show and then it automatically deletes it after the user is done with it.

Megabox HD 1.0.3

Megabox HD 1.0.3 excels when it comes to providing users with an endless supply of new movies and shows. The app’s video library is being updated daily with new shows and the content is always categorized by genre which makes it easier for people to find the shows that they love. Lastly, Megabox HD 1.0.3 is also a cross-platform app.