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Best Terrarium TV Alternatives for iOS, Android and Windows


People who use Terrarium TV have all the latest TV shows and movies at the touch of their fingertips. Although, there are hundreds of other online streaming services that offer similar features and some of them even perform better than Terrarium TV does. With that said, today we are going to present a list with the best Terrarium TV alternatives.


What better way to start other than with Netflix? Netflix is the first name that pops in anyone’s mind when they hear something about online streaming. The reason behind this is not only Netflix’s great marketing scheme but also the fact that it offers the biggest amount of original content.

According to a recent statement made by Netflix’s CEO, the company invested somewhere around $6 billion in original shows. Although, Netflix features a monthly subscription system and its not free like Terrarium TV, but subscribers will surely get their money’s worth.


Just like Terrarium TV, Showbox is entirely free to download. This is a multi-platform app which means that it supports Android, iOS and Windows powered devices. One of the most useful features that Showbox offers is the fact that it gives users the ability to download all their favorite videos for offline viewing. This feature will prove to be quite useful for people who do not benefit from healthy cellular plan and want to preserve their mobile data.

Popcorn Time

While the previous two video streaming services are amazing, Popcorn Time is way better. The reason we are saying this is because Popcorn Time is also a multi-platform and it features nearly all TV shows and movies ever made.

However, the best thing about Popcorn Time is its streaming system. Unlike Terrarium TV, Popcorn Time downloads the desired movie or TV show strictly for the period its being watched and it automatically deletes it after.