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Big Surprise: Microsoft’s Xbox Might Put Ads In Free-To-Play Games


Ads within free games may be coming to Xbox, according to a recent report, giving publishers a whole new money source. From Activision-Blizzard purchases to the critical and economic triumph of its own Xbox Game Pass, Xbox has scored a number of home runs as it seeks to conquer the video game market. Microsoft seems to be making all the right steps as it goes ahead, but one prospective new choice is sure to stoke debate.

It is necessary for companies to find ways to enhance earnings in free videogames since there is no direct sales income source. Microtransactions are common in free-to-play games, where players may buy cosmetics, exclusive goods, or in-game currency. Even if it’s difficult to hold corporations liable for their attempts to make money off of their work, it’s the manner in which they do it that irritates supporters. As a result of loot boxes and pay-to-win systems in free games, micropayments have now become a hot topic in the video game business. Despite the beneficial move away from micro-transactions, unscrupulous business practices are still present in many games. Halo Infinite’s Season 1 included more than $1000 worth of microtransactions, a fact that several gamers found to be disappointing. A new method of making cash from free-to-play games seems to be on the horizon.

Free-to-play games may soon be able to generate money via advertising. One insider says Microsoft isn’t enthusiastic about getting a part of the action, according to the report, which claims Xbox is exploring a mechanism that would allow free-to-play games to have ads. Free-to-play game creators would benefit from the new income source. It’s been rumored that Microsoft is treading cautiously and would only entertain advertising in its free videogames from chosen businesses, but the company hasn’t verified this. According to a source, Xbox does not plan for adverts to interfere with gameplay in any manner.