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Bill Gates Supports FBI in Battle Against Apple’s Pro-Encryption Stance


When it comes to the world of technology, Bill Gates has been one of the biggest names in the world of technology.

The founder of Microsoft has been one of the most influential names in the markets and has been around for a very long time.

The man has brought out many new innovations in the world, and has been in the news in recent times over his work in the world of philanthropy and charity, as well as working towards an overall goal of global development and progress.

Bill Gates has now become the latest name to take a stance in the ongoing battle between the FBI and Apple, over the encryption issue.

The FBI and the US Government have issued a court order to Apple, asking them to create a backdoor for the iOS devices, which will allow the investigating authorities to break into the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone with the help of a large combination of passcodes without resetting the device.

The feds believe that the phone will hold many clues to what the terrorists might be planning, as well as other terror suspects.

However, Apple has refused to cooperate with the court orders, as the FBI want a backdoor into the device, which is just not possible according to them, as doing so will pose a major threat to over a billion Apple users.

“Nobody’s talking about a backdoor, so that’s not the right question. This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information.

They’re not asking for some general thing, they’re asking for a particular case,” Gates said in an interview with Financial Times.

Bill Gates said the government is only looking for “a specific set of information” and not a master-key to break into other phones. “It is no different from [the question of] should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information, should anybody be able to get at bank records,” he said.

“Let’s say the bank had tied a ribbon round the disk drive and said, ‘Don’t make me cut this ribbon because you’ll make me cut it many times.’”

Bill Gates has now become one of the few rare names in the world of technology who are favoring the courts in this one. Tech firms such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Twitter have all backed Apple here.