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Bing Ads by Microsoft Facing a major Reporting Outage crisis


Microsoft’s Bing division has been a curious case of competitive creations. Microsoft’s Bing division was created entirely to combat the competition that Google was imposing against them. In a way, one can actually call Bing a Bizarro-world Google.

Bing offers pretty much the same services that Google offers, but not all of them. The company has bing ads, bing search, bing maps, and a lot other bing-ran services.

In all Microsoft made devices, Bing is the default search engine and it has been that way since the time they came out with it. Bing has been a part of various other Microsoft branding such as the Bing Vision technology and a lot more.

However, Bing has been making it to the news off late because the Bing ads have been acting in a rather strange manner.

For over 5 days, the users of Bing Ads were having a major problem, as the ad reporting data had been inaccessible and the data that the publishers were getting showed frequent delays.

All the major tools of the Bing Ads division were showing this delay – Ad Delivery, BI/Reporting, Billing, Advertiser API, Product Ads, UET/Remarketing, Publisher and Editorial were all the tools where the company had been facing a major delay.

Bing had been providing updates on how the situation looks like throughout the time, and the company had assured the users that they are working on a quick fix.

“Data for hours between 02/05/2016 9:00 PM PST (5:00 AM GMT) to 02/07/2016 11:00 AM PST (7:00 PM GMT) is incomplete.

We will be updating the data for impacted hours as soon as our system is fully caught up. We will continue to send updates as we learn more.” Announced Bing.

This has been a major problem for the publishers as they are not aware of what kind of their ads have been performing well over the last few days, and the situation has been a nightmare for the team working in the Bing project.

For all we know, this might be the final nail in the coffin of the dead on arrival project that Bing was.

Despite the fact that it still has a significant number of visitors as well as users, Bing has still always been tagged the ‘number-2’ search engine and stands ranked second at almost every service they offer as they continue to be snubbed by Google. Bing Ads platform needs to recover, and it need to recover quickly!