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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Surrounded by Hype in Anticipation for May 15th Hard-Fork


There’s been a high number of cryptocurrencies that saw a price spike during the last week, but Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the few that managed to keep its gains. Bitcoin prices started to fall and this caused the entire crypto market to shift, but not Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

We should also mention that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) investors have been selling during the weekend which caused the cryptocurrency to lose 8.12% percent of its total value which puts it at $1,605.48 per token and the total market capitalization at $27,476,766,707 according to Coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Up by 14%

Even though Bitcoin Cash (BCH) lost 8.12% of its total value during the past few days, the cryptocurrency is still up by 14% for the week. Considering that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the few top ten cryptocurrencies that didn’t lost its gains after Bitcoin prices went down, we think its safe to say that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is looking good.

Upcoming Hard Fork

The reason why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has managed to be so “stable” when compared to the other top ten cryptocurrencies is because a planned non-contentious hard fork is scheduled to take place on May 15th. The fork is surely going to bring more exposure to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and it will generate more hype in the crypto community.

Bitcoin Stagnates

Leaving Bitcoin Cash (BCH) aside, the question that’s sitting everyone’s mind right now is how long will Bitcoin stagnate for? Bitcoin has been struggling to surpass the $10,000 milestone for these past couple of weeks and its now sitting at $9,299.68. Seeing how Bitcoin isn’t able to go over the $10,000 threshold, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is starting to look like the best alternative, especially with that incoming hard-fork.