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Bitcoin Podcast Has Important News These Days


Check out Bitcoin.com Podcast Network every Friday to hear the most important information on bitcoin. The podcast will offer a summary of everything regarding the Bitcoin ecosystem, comprised in just 10-15 minutes.

The show ‘This Week in Bitcoin (TWiB)’ is hosted by Mr. Matt Aaron, a veteran podcaster. He curates the most important information on Bitcoin every week in a bite-size format. Every Friday, Mr. Aaron breaks down and comments the latest information to keep his listeners updated on the world of altcoins.

Mr. Matt Aaron stated in a News.Bitcoin.com article that the podcast is weekly delivered in a small portion for people that will listen to it on their commute and even at the gym. He said that they ‘want to build the #1 podcast network in the cryptosphere, and focus on shows that can be enjoyed by everyone’.

‘Good. Bad. Bizarre’ News

The latest news in ‘This Week in Bitcoin’ were delivered with the help of Kai Sedgwick, from News.Bitcoin.com. Labeling the latest news on Bitcoin with ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘bizarre’, Mr. Aaron talked about Facebook banning crypto ads, Bitcoin loved by Square, some news from South Korea, coin scams, Japanese app Line that have just launched crypto trading and more.

The latest news on cryptocurrency is important for bitcoiners and investors that want to be updated and stay informed.

Humans of Bitcoin – the Lives of Investors

A new show will come out on February 13th on the Bitcoin.com Podcast Network. It will be called ‘Humans of Bitcoin’, hosted by Katie, who is covering the real lives of bitcoin investors. This means we are going to hear about important and high profile people.

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