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Bitcoin Reaches Its 40-Day High – The Cryptocurrency Climbed Above $9,200 Today


The price for Bitcoin (BTC) climbed above $9,200 today, April 24 and it managed to hit a 40-day high. Now, it’s priced at $9,241.9 on Bitfinex.

After its steady increase over the past week, the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization finally jumped above $9,000.

This happened soon after the morning trading session began around 00:30 UTC. After that, it continued to climb up to as high as $9,220.97 at about 2:00 UTC.

Now, Bitcoin’s price is at its highest point since March 14 when it dropped $800 within a single trade day to reach a one-month low around $8,000.

After this fall, bitcoin’s price dropped to $6.593 on March 30 reflecting what is now 39% gain since the moment the cryptocurrency hit that market bottom.

The wider cryptocurrency market’s price is growing as well 

What’s most important is that the more extensive cryptocurrency market saw a price growth over the past month as well and it managed to climb above $400 billion in term of total capitalization.

CoinMarketCap reported that this number shifted between $200 billion and $300 billion since March 18.

For the moment, four out of the five largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization have reached their prices at one-month highs, according to market data.

Ethereum which is the world’s second largest crypto managed to be above $660 after it recently dropped below $400. Bitcoin cash almost doubled After April 18, and it climbed back above $1,500.

The current figures for other essential cryptocurrencies as of press time are TRON (TRX) – $ 0.059600, and Ripple XRP – $0.91493

We’ll see where things go from here, but predictions are pretty good.