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BitStarz Adds Support for Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


Everyone is getting involved in the cryptocurrency scene nowadays, even casinos. The famous BitStarz Casino recently announced that it will accept cryptocurrencies as form of payment from now on.

Moreover, BitStarz Casino will add Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash support for deposits and wagers. This makes BitStarz Casino one of the world’s first online platforms to start accepting cryptocurrencies for gambling purposes.

Litecoin (LTC)

The reason why BitStarz Casino decided to include Litecoin as one of the cryptocurrencies it supports is because Litecoin is viable for online casinos.

Litecoin is one of the original cryptocurrencies, being launched in 2011 and it’s quite valuable. The LTC token is priced at $141.24 against the USD dollar right now and the total market capitalization for LTC sits at over $7.7 billion

Furthermore, Litecoin is renowned for its fast payment confirmation that makes it the ideal cryptocurrency for online gambling. In addition, the fast payment confirmation is also what helped the LTC token grow so big.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Even though Litecoin is expensive, it pales in comparison with Bitcoin Cash. The reason we are saying this is because Bitcoin Cashs’s BCH token is valued at $982.71 against the US dollar and its total market capitalization is estimated at over $16.6 billion

Despite its huge price, Bitcoin Cash is still fairly new to the scene. This cryptocurrency was launched a couple of months ago through the Bitcoin Classic fork which is known for causing one of the widest spread trading frenzies.

Nonetheless, the main idea behind Bitcoin Cash is to provide users with an increased size of blocks that make room for faster transaction times that don’t require large fees.

Making Deposits in Cryptocurrency

The best thing about this latest news is that all parties get to benefit from it. BitStarz Casino will be able to attract a larger number of gamblers while Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash will also get more investors because of their versatility.