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Black Badge Series to Become Permanent


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Back at the Geneva Motor Show event that took place in March last year, the famous Rolls Royce company announced a major moment in their activity for luxury products: a permanent Bespoke family of cars that goes under the name of the Black Badge. It is designed as a response to the various requirements of a more dynamic and younger patron of luxury.

An Impressive Evolution

Ever since the introduction, Black Badge has done all the best to attract a new generation of customers to the Rolls Royce. The Ghost Black Badge and the Wraith Black Badge have had some serious success and a positive demand on behalf of the customers, and this can only lead to a new chapter in this series.

Speaking of innovations and improvements, the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed will be a celebration for the products that have overcome the existing limitations of cars. Simply put, they have changed the landscape in which they work, and this third issue of the series has become a transformative story. We can even say that the Dawn Black Badge is an expression of top luxury.

The History Behind the Black Badge

Ever since the release of the Black Badge in 2016, it has become an important presence in this luxury landscape. The Bespoke engineering and the design chose for it has come as a response to the customers that wanted to have a unique Rolls Royce.

As such, it addresses a small, select group of clients who want specific, focused characteristics for their motor cars. They want their car to reflect their life choices, their success and the luxury they are used to consume. Consequently, this target group defines itself differently from the other wider social groups to which the cars are targeted.