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Blackberry Passport Gets A 20% Price Cut – Know The Details


Blackberry has been a company which has been around the markets of technology for quite a long while now.

The company has, at one point of time, been a major player in the markets of technology, and has been a major force when it comes to the world of business class users. However, Blackberry, despite all its former glory, has become a part of ‘has-beens’ now.

At one point of time, the company has had a solid run as the front runner in Smartphone technology, and it invented Smartphone before all the phones became smart.

The blackberry devices, even today, are preferred by businessmen and the elite who need to keep communication secure. Ever since Android became mainstream, the Blackberry markets collapsed, and the company was facing tough times.

In the October of 2014, in a desperate attempt to float back into the markets where they were caught like in quicksand, Blackberry released the Blackberry Passport.

A device which looked quite different, but was the same blackberry phone in a new packaging. The device did do well for a while, but the markets did collapse later on.

Blackberry Passport came out into the markets with a 4.5 inched screen, along with a Snapdragon 801 processor, and 3GB of RAM, which was a massive configuration considering that the device came out two years ago.

The phone came out with 32GB of storage, and a 13 MP primary camera along with a 2 MP front camera. The Blackberry Passport ran on the BBOS 10.3, and is supported by a 3450mAh battery. The phone however, came out with single SIM support.

The company has now decided to breathe life back into the Blackberry Passport, as they have slashed the prices of this device by 20%.

The Black and White models of the Blackberry Passport, after a $99.80 discount is now available at $399.20. The silver edition of the phone has dropped down from $549 to $439.20

The accessories too are getting a good discount, as the company is giving away the accessories such as the hard shell and the sync pad at 30% off.

For those who are (still) willing to buy BBOS 10 devices, this is the apex device for them, and is available at a price lower than ever before.

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