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Blackberry Priv Might Not Be The Only Android BlackBerry Phone


Blackberry recently showcased the Blackberry Priv in CES 2016. The phone was a big success, even though people know that when it is launched, it will be rather pricey.

Let’s face it – Blackberry has recently been one of the phone ranges that has not been very popular.

The sales have been low, users have switched over to various other platforms and the apps that are compatible with Blackberry devices have always been the last to get updates.

For some, the updates have not even come that frequently, because developers knew that the user headcount was not that high.

It appears that the company has now had enough; it wanted to come back as a major force in the market.

It realized that Blackberry OS would not let it make the journey too far and acknowledged the supremacy of Android.

The brand tried launching its first Android phone, that is Blackberry Priv and the user excitement to see the device has been rather high.

Blackberry has previously been one of the most wanted brands for all the people who were more inclined towards getting devices that were very professional and let them get mail access on phone.

The love for these devices has stuck on, but the only reason people jumped ship was because they realized how popular Android was getting and wanted to stay on the same page as everybody.

But now, with the launch of the Blackberry Priv, users can go back to the nostalgic feeling of using a Blackberry device and at the same time, be on Android as well.

Now coming to the main points – the future of Blackberry Android.

Well, it seems like the brand will continue to launch devices based on Android in future as well.

The most anticipated device is the Blackberry Venice. This phone will be a cheaper version of the Blackberry Priv.

The device will have a fixed qwerty keypad like older blackberry devices, but its screen will be rather large, at almost 5.4 inches.

Apart from android, users on the Priv and the Venice will both get to use Android and Blackberry apps together.

This means that together, the deal that the devices will provide any user would be quite great – both the Android and the Blackberry experience will be felt together.

The date for the Blackberry Venice to be released is yet to be declared.