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Blackberry Switches To Business Enterprise Software – Leaves More Than 200 Employees Unemployed


Blackberry the Smartphone company that had once given the word some of the best handsets is now on a steady decline.

It was the favorite brand of handsets that people in the corporate world once used with Hardy structure, qwerty keypads and access to fast Internet but with the rise of Android and IOS Blackberry has slowly realized that its days in the Smartphone world are almost over although Blackberry has come up with a couple of Android based devices like the Blackberry Priv the company is now changing its focus from mere handset manufacture to a more popular and in demand sectors of enterprise software business.

As a part of this change in the company’s profile Blackberry Limited is now going to reduce the manpower image hometown headquarters.

These headquarters that are located in Ontario and Florida will be seen the loss of 200 employees that had been working with this organisation for quite some time. In an official statement mention in an email the company said that its main motive at the moment was on creating an efficient Global workforce.

According to certain reports over the Internet Blackberry Limited cost cutting measures might results 2005 percentage deduction in the workforce and though this sounds a little disappointing it might seem to be a smart move as the stock rates of BlackBerry Has Fallen by 22% since the beginning of 2016.

Out of these 200 jobs that have been lost, one person whose job loss seems to be a little concerning is that of Gary Klassen. Klassen, apart from being one of the oldest employees in BlackBerry Limited was also the creator of BBM messaging services.

Some of the people who lost their jobs wel part of the departments that have been working on the BB 10 devices that came into existence around January 2013. Although these devices was really well made the world not able to face the competition that the iPhone and Android devices posts to them at that moment.

It sounds depressing to hear that 200 people would be losing their jobs but it was a wise decision on the part of the company to shut down a process that was not really generating revenue. We still have to see if enterprise software will be able to bring back Black Berry to the standards that it was in before.