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Blackberry Will Not Withdraw Services With Pakistan


Blackberry has been dealing with a lot of troubles lately in terms of low revenue. Its sales have dropped to unacceptable levels.

It is also having to deal with movement of its customers into Android, iOs and Windows Mobile platforms.

However, this is not the end of its problems. The company has been faced with a lot of challenges with regards to protection of information that users share on its network.

India, Saudi Arabia and a few other countries had been demanding that the company let them in on the information, but the manufacturer refused.

It then had a hard time  convincing these governments about the company policies, to which they finally gave in.

The challenge has resurfaced, this time in the form of a serious threat from Pakistan.

The country’s government was very insistent that the y be granted access to the Blackberry Servers, so they could keep an eye on everything happening within the country.

The demands were extensive – Pakistan not only wanted user information but also wanted an in depth look into al its services, including Blackberry mail and messenger.

Of course, the Pakistani government was hard to convince. Discussions were leading nowhere.

Blackberry was driven to a point where it decided that it would be better to cease operations in Pakistan rather than to disclose information. Ultimately, after some negotiation with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the Pakistani government, they decided to give up on their demands about seeking sensitive personal information from the Canadian manufacturer.

COO Marty Chief was rather thankful to the government for allowing them to stick to their policies.

This might have been brought about by the recent policy changes that the company did in terms of cooperating with the government agencies to uncover details required in criminal or terrorist investigations.

However, the company has been very clear that it will not provide any information about the details of the conversation that two users have had.

It will cooperate as much as possible whenever an emergency arises, without compromising user privacy.

Apart from this, Blackberry also has a lot more cooking in its labs. The eyes of the world are stuck on the Blackberry priv that will be the first Android phone they will launch.

The Canadian smartphone maker has retained the Blackberry passport type looks here and has made sure that the phone is a monster in terms of performance.

Of course, the price tag is huge, but we are ready to pay it if Blackberry can really keep up with the other Android phone makers.