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Blackberry Will Provide Software Updates to The BB10 OS


Blackberry, located at Waterloo, Ontario, Canada came into existence in 1984 and is a major producer of smartphones.

The company offers many smartphones and tablets, most of them being hardy and designed to suit business needs.

The company has of late faced a decline as a result of the competition that it is facing from Google and Apple.

Now Microsoft mobiles have also proven to be a threat, although minimal.

Back in 2010, more than 40% of the US citizens had been using Blackberry devices and now hardly 10% still prefer the brand.

Google and Apple have provided better options in the form of Android and iOS, while Blackberry still sticks to the traditional BB OS.

This could have been a main reason why there has been a mass movement of users from this platform to the others.

This has not stopped the company from manufacturing its devices. It has still launched some wonderful devices like the Blackberry Passport, that sold only averagely.

The company seemed to have realized that the main reason for the movement was preference for other operating systems.

This compelled the Canadian brand to launch Android devices.

This was a smart move and the results were instantaneous.

Blackberry received positive responses for the Blackberry Priv which is an Android device.

This one is pricey, but the other phone that it is about to launch, again in Android, the Blackberry Venice or Vienna, whatever it is going to be called, will be a mid range device.

Although it may seem like Blackberry will now launch only and only Android devices, this does not mean that the company will not think about the existing users who use Blackberry OS on their older devices.

John chen, the CEO of Blackberry limited has confirmed that very soon, users will be able to get updates  for the BB10 OS.

This upcoming version will be called version 10.3.3.

It has already been cleared in terms of NIAP compliance, which are generally very strictly conducted to check the security of the devices.

Once this is done then the company will then launch 10.3.4, which again will be tightening up the security in the devices.

The exact date of the update has not been disclosed yet, but in the near future, all these features may be launched soon.