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Blockchain Technology is Changing the World As We Know It


Machines are constantly evolving towards being intelligent autonomous machines. What this means is that machines control their desire to purchase things. There’s no way around this evolution and we need to accept it. In fact, the machines are being classified as a “new customer group” that has basic needs which completely change how services and products are produced.

Machines to Create Their Own Protocols

The final step in this evolution is for the machines to create their own protocols which will be used to communicate. That’s not all, since these protocols will also prove to be useful for machines that are looking to discover services and exchange digital or physical values between each other.

This is where cryptocurrency comes in because the new protocols are expected to be created from blockchain software and AI/ML technology.

Maslow Pyramid for Human and Machine Needs

The most interesting thing about this whole ordeal is that human needs are very different from machine needs. The picture above shows us Maslow’s pyramid for human and machine needs that highlights some huge differences.

The basic psychology behind machine needs are considered to be energy, consumable physical supplies, heating/cooling and external computing power. These needs will be filled through a liquid stream of a supply medium such as liquid fluid, electricity and gas.

Liquid Supply Medium Exchange

Cash is the most liquid asset available in the world today. The reason behind this being that cash doesn’t require a buyer, and that it can be instantly exchanged for services, food or other sorts of products. In addition, the trade-off is not based on speed and value.

The new world where machines are exchanging digital and physical values makes it clear that they a P2P (peer-to-peer) token system in order for this to be viable. Therefore, TPI (third party intermediary) services will not be able to regulate or automate micro-transactions that will take place between billions of machines.