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Blue Screen Of Death Problems For Surface3 and Surface Pro3 Users Get Fixed By Microsoft Update


There was utter chaos amongst all those users of Surface3 and Surface Pro3 devices who had tried installing a Surface Pen driver.

The problem occurred because this surface pen driver was meant for the Surface Pro4.

These users tried getting a new functionality on their system but apparently the recent January update for firmware that Microsoft provided caused the systems to crash.

Some users even complained of a black screen and random device crashes once they had installed the driver, nut Microsoft is blaming the users for wrongly installing the driver which was not even meant for their device.

The January update for the Surface3 range came with a huge range of features including fixes for bugs, better installation of drivers, better co-ordination between devices, better streaming of content through WiFi and easy surface pen paring.

It was launched on the 19th of January 2016 and worked perfectly for all the users of Surface3 range except for those who had installed the surface pen driver.

The Surface users faced various kinds of problems as mentioned above and complains spill on to the Microsoft support page by the dozen.

Certain users have complained that even after rebooting the device the machine does not restart but shuts down completely.

The users had to power up the device again by pressing the power button for 30 seconds and using the power+ volume- together to turn the device on. Others have complained that their version of Windows was not very stable.

Efforts were made to find out why these problems occurred. Developers at Redmond and Microsoft support engineers were at their wit’s end to identify if the problem actually occurred from Windows build number 10586.3 or Windows Insiders build.

Bu more studies on these problems it was seen that the problem occurred only for those users who had upgraded to build number10586.3.

The surface pen driver version 10.0.302.0 was intended only for Surface Pro4 but some over smart users in the quest for new functionality tried using it on the Suface3 range consequently causing the devices to crash.

Support engineers said that the drivers were being installed inadvertently. Instructions to roll back surface pen settings include access to device manager going to human interface devices and double clicking surface pen settings. Here you need to check if the driver version is 10.0.302.0.

If you see this build then you would need to uninstall the driver and restart your Surface. Be sure not to shut it down.

After restart go to the surface pen settings again and check; the build number should now have been down graded to 4.0112.1