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BMW 8 Series Concept Official Images and Prices


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The BMW 8 Series Concept continues the 1990s Coupe model in a modern design combining luxury with sporty lines.

The BMW 8 Series Concept has been revealed by the manufacturer through a series of images, and the new model brings together both luxury and brand-specific sports elements that converge this GT package. The car will be launched on the market in 2018, where it will compete with models such as the Mercedes S-Class Coupe or the Lexus LC.

The two-door coupe has an exterior design with aggressive lines: the radiator grille is quite large, and hence the bonnet lines. The car has 21-inch alloy wheels, and in the rear we see a fairly long rear window, which continues with a short trunk, which has an integrated spoiler, stops that continue on the side of the car, and below we notice the trapezoidal discharges.

The BMW 8 Series Concept would have a 2-liter engine in the standard version, but most buyers could turn to the 3-liter version. Those who want more power can move towards an eight-cylinder engine or a V12 with two turbochargers, carwow.co.uk shows.

An even better performance, the M8, could be launched later, rivaling the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe. There is also the possibility that the models will come with the BMW xDrive system, and a hybrid version is not out of the equation.

The car could be presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2017. Considering that the BMW 8 Series Concept will be the top of the company’s range, we can expect the base price to be around $90,000, while top variants to $130,000.