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Boost Your WiFi Signal Strength With These Tips


A YouTuber called KipKay came up with the simple and clever idea to help you to amplify the signal of your WiFi radio waves through the house.

WiFi signal is emitted by your router in the form of radio waves. The closer you are to the router the better is the signal, and the further you are, the weaker the signal is. To triple the strength of this signal, KipKay believes that a can or two of beer, a fork or a knife is all you need.

First you must wash the can of beer and then you have to cut its bottom and the top parts, but not completely, so that the hole from which the liquid flows can enter the router’s antenna.

What you have to do next is to cut the can in half from the bottom up to form a “U” shape. With this form, the dose will look like a mini-radar antenna that triples your WiFi signal strength in the direction in which the can is cut open.

From now on, you have the perfect excuse to get some more beer cans in the house. You never know when you might “run low on  Internet”.