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Bored? Facebook Events takes technology to a whole new level


Facebook dominates the social networking market. So far Facebook is the leading social networking website among all the others. Since the establishment of facebook, the social networking website has come leaps and bounds through the world. Facebook helps connect the world together better than any other means.

Talking about the recent addition the infamous Messenger app, Facebook are certainly not holding anything back in updating the Messenger app. In the recent days the social networking company has made some very major upgrades in its Messenger app.

Facebook has already released the taxi service after joining hands with Uber, which allows you to book, pay for and track your cab directly from within the messenger app. Then came the snow fall in the chat window of the messenger app, the snow fall will be automatically activated when there is a reference of santa clause or if any kind of sticker which relates to the winter or the festivals is sent through the messenger app. In the festive spirit the social networking company also added a feature in which you can give different colours to chat bubbles and it can differ from person to person and with new emojis, adding in that feature you can now also give nick names to your Facebook friends in the messenger app. Facebook

Now in the latest update the social networking company is looking to come up with the solution to the “what to do today?” problem. Facebook has come up with the latest “Event” feature which works according to in and around your area. The latest feature is only available for iPhone users but it will be available for others pretty soon as well.

According to the reports, more than 450 million users are already using the facebook events feature. In Facebook Events, the social networking company keeps track record of all the user’s likings and styles and depending on that the feature suggests whats available for the user to do in and around him.

So, if you haven’t made any plans as of what are you going to do tonight, tomorrow, next week or the next month, let the Event feature help you in selecting what can be a lot of fun for you. More so the feature also can book tickets and make reminders for events nearby that you are willing to attend in the near future.

Let us know if you have already experienced the new and improved facebook events, or are looking forward to it below in the comments.