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Bored Of Facebook? Switch To The New Social Networking Website, Peach


With almost the whole world flocking on to Facebook, the social networking zone is become less and less private.

When people join, they join with the idea of having only their friends added in, but after a few months, they see their friends list to be full of acquaintances or completely unknown people who they don’t even know.

This sometimes causes them to look for other options to chat so that they can have easier access to their friends, without having to disturb their previous friend circle by deleting users and hurting their sentiments.

If you are already facing such circumstances, then Peach is a good option for you to switch over to. Peach is an iOS only app, which is a social network formed on the very basic features.

With this app in place, you would not have to face any hassles of a bunch of flashy, difficult to use features that sites generally evolve into once they become a few years old.

Moreover the application is free and has features of all the famous messaging apps like Tumblr, Telegram and Slack as well.

From Slack, it derives he command line interface that you use to give the app commands.

For example, you can type ‘Weather’ to post the weather details. We will talk about more such keywords later in the post.

Peach can be downloaded for free from the app store.

The app is quite new and thus has hardly any features in it. But there are some important features here.

For example, if you like a post, you’ll heart it. Poking friends is also an option – you can send waves, kisses, cakes etc.

The app also gives you ideas to start conversations if you type on the ‘lightbulb’ icon.

Funny, and light hearted questions are asked by the app then, and an answer is generally the key to starting a conversation.
And now coming back to the key words.

Typing GIF will let you post a GIF. We already told you about weather.

“Events” will help to tell your friends what events you are attending, “rate” can be used to give any post a rating between 1 to 5, “song” can be used to share the music that you are listening at that moment.

Similarly, other features also exist, which you should find out by downloading the app yourself!


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