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By 2100 the Earth’s temperature will increase with 2 degrees according to experts


Global warming is a present issue that humanity faces nowadays. Unfortunately, the climate change is ever present and scientists are studying global warming trying to find a solution.

A recent study has new findings

Scientists from the University of Washington published a study in the journal of Nature Climate Change in which they show that there is a 90% likely that the temperatures will rise by 2 to 4.9 degrees Celsius.

In order to determine those values, the current study used statistics and a quantitative method. The statistical projections were made based on the total world population, GDP per capital and the quantity of carbon emitted for each economic activity dollar. The analysis of these variables showed that a rise of 2 degrees Celsius is the most likely scenario, it will probably be higher. The study showed that in order to hope only for a rise of 2 degrees Celsius, humanity has to make an effort for the next 80 years.

If humanity does not work hard to avoid a higher rise in temperatures, then severe droughts, rising sea levels and plenty of other drastic consequences will have to be faced.

The Paris climate deal

In 2015, during the Paris climate conference, a total of 195 countries adopted the first global climate deal. This deal includes plans trying to avoid global warming and to reach a limit of only 2 degrees Celsius.

The agreement will be very difficult to achieve taking into consideration data published by the U.N Environment Program which shows that 54 billion tons a year of burning fossil fuels should be cut down to 42 billion until 2030 in order to reach the 2 degrees Celsius limit.

Ideas so far are the introduction of carbon taxes, encouraging innovation when it comes to efficient energy.