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C cables can harm your laptop – Cheap and poor quality USB


For people who own laptops and have been stingy not to buy original parts when your laptop needed replacements, here is a good lesson for you.

If you think that all cheap spare parts will work just fine on your laptop then you are trading the wrong path.

You could be doing more damage  to your computer than you have ever thought about.

This  is not what we are suggesting; it is an expert tip that has come from a Google engineer Benson Leung. The engineer who tests USB –C cables has lost not one , but two of his laptops to poor quality cheap cables.

Leung generally test USB cables and post reviews about them on Amazon. So was this venture of testing too; this time Leung was dedicated towards reviewing a cable manufactured by Surjtech.

The Surjtech 3M USB A-TO-C cable received only a one star review on Amazon. It was while he was testing these cables that he lost the laptops. These were a Chromebook Pixel 2015 and USB PD Sniffer devices, also known as Twinkie.

He reported that both these laptops were seriously damaged. More damage was seen on the Chromebook Pixel 2015. As soon as the laptop was plugged in to the charging point the USB type C port became unresponsive.

It would not charge nor detect any USB devices or even the Ethernet adaptor. Seeing this Leung was forced to reboot his system but it restarted in recovery mode. This was because the system was not able to indentify its own embedded controller and software recovery also failed to revive the EC.

When this was analyzed it was found that the parts in the laptop that were dedicated to charging and managing the USB port was severely damaged.

Leung proceeded to analyze the Surjtech cable to why such problems were occurring.  For this he used a breakout board and a multi meter. It was found that the cable was completely messed up.

The pins and plugs were not wired the way they should have been as a result of which  his laptop got damaged. The cable also lacked super seed connectivity.

The Surjtech cable is now no longer available on Amazon for sale.