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Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Recent Developments And Future Speculations


Activision Blizzard’s Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 was released five weeks ago but the sales that have been logged have been phenomenal.

Analysts who have been following the Call Of Duty sales trends over the past ten years since this game series has been continuing are laying their bets on the fact that this episode of the game could get the highest number of sales ever.

Black Ops 3 sales in the first week were the lowest as compared to the last titles.

The way the sales has picked up is rather surprising and in the past three weeks the title has been able to sell even more than what was sold with Advanced Warfare in the whole of last year. Black Ops 3 is still in the lowest sales category among all three Black Ops titles.

The main reason for this is that the previous versions were launched for Xbox 360 and PS3. Most people re-purchased the title after the Xbox One and the PS4 were launched thus leading to double sales.

Apart from this a lot of changes were inflicted on the interface of the game. Black Ops 3 allows users to buy stuff from the black market using call of duty points.

Now gaining advanced weaponry would not be dependent upon game levels or certain targets hidden inside the game.

Users of all levels can make use of advanced weapons, vehicles and other in app purchasers from the black market by shelling out real cash.

These micro transactions can be made from within the game. More items will be added as DLCs and updates are launched by Activision in the early days of 2016 and the in game store will be able to support better payment options.

You do not have to pay money for the stuff itself but you would spend cash to purchase more Call Of Duty points which in turn will let you buy more objects and supply drops in Black Ops 3.

This virtual currency will be launched for players on PS4,Xbox one and PC as confirmed by communications manager of Activision, Scott Lowe.

However liquid Divinium Vials that are purchased from the black market will be same as those that are gained by the game play in the Shadows of Evil or the Giant Bonus Map.

Extra slot packs and Gobblegums can be purchase easily to ward off zombies and weapons like Brass knuckles, Butterfly Knives, Epic Rarity Camo and other weapons are available for multiplayer modes.

200 Call Of Duty points will cost $ 2, 1100 points will cost $ 10, 2400 points will cost $ 20 and 5000 points will cost $ 40.

The first time a player logs in to Black Ops 3 on PS4, Xbox one, PC will be able to get 200 Call Of Duty points free.