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Call of Duty Black Ops III Labeled As Best Seller Of 2015


Call Of Duty, Black Ops III, which is a launch by famous  game manufacturer Activision Blizzard, has come up with the Call Of Duty game in the previous year, just a few weeks back. Since then it has gathered so much popularity that so far, the game has been constantly at the top of the charts in the year.

This was a big achievement because so far every year has Call of Duty games are able to remain at this position and for the past 7 years, this game series has been taking this position.

Other toppers included famous titles like Madden NFL 16, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, and Grand Theft Auto V,  NBA 2K16, Minecraft, FIFA 16, Mortal Kombat X, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. All these games are more than what are expecting from the gaming sector and have proved their worth.

According to the words of Activision Communications Manager Scott Lowe, the company had aimed to make the game even more interesting for users which it has successfully done. This caused the response at the CES 2016 to be so great that the company was compelled to think about the game at a whole new level.

The multiplayer Beta launch in November 2015 has also been instrumental to this success. It has already been able to sell almost 250 million units from the date it was launched to date.

Of course, this is not the end of the release. This game would continue getting DLC updates, and they will be starting from the 2nd of February, 2016. These DLC’s would first launch for PlayStation 4 and then it will be sent over to Xbox for a release.

Lowe said that this happened to be just a beginning and that the following installments will contain the next chapter of Treyarch’s Zombies saga, along with four new multiplayer maps.

However, as for the real stats, there was hardly any increase in sales – only 1.5 percent increase was seen on the game sale. All these reports were received from NPD.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can both keep their fingers crossed for this game to be updated very soon.