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Call of Duty DMZ Mode Causes Controversy with New ‘Pay-to-Win’ Store Bundles


Pay-to-win concerns in its extraction mode are raised by a new cosmetic package that was released earlier this week in the Call of Duty shop.

The so-called “Bomb Squad” bundle in the marketplace gives DMZ players a few extra benefits, including a 4th Active Duty Operator position that is currently unavailable.

However, it looks like even the operator skin and the weapon blueprint that are supplied have special benefits.

More precisely, the “Boom Proof” blueprint for the SAKIN MG38 LMG provides an additional effect that is unique to DMZ.

It offers a guaranteed weapon cooldown period of 15 minutes, which reduces the amount of time that it may be used again if it gets lost in an infiltration.

Furthermore, the “EOD Specialist” operator skin for Fender further includes a unique DMZ extra feature.

The skin includes a complimentary medium backpack – loot that would otherwise need to get located or utilized from the player’s inventory.

Additionally, it appears that this bundle is only the beginning.

Data mining the upgrade yielded a bundle that was later released and featured the Roze operator.

The skin will have a UAV kill streak built into it, as per the data mine.

Unsurprisingly, DMZ gamers weren’t happy with the responses, and many of them immediately criticized the UAV, calling it pay-to-win.

A commenter wondered: “Alright the backpack, whatever, but a free UAV? Is that on every infil? That’s [pay-to-win].”

Future Roze bundle lets you start with a UAV
by u/BadFishteeth in DMZ

Another user said that DMZ was being wrecked “before it even makes it out of beta,” but someone else went on to suggest that Activision may be just testing the waters to try and figure out what can be done while the game is still in development so that it may be fixed if player feedback is generally unfavorable.

“The beta batch may be the way out, if this terribly misfires they might do a 180 on this. Unlikely but possible,” the user mentioned.

For the time being, 1,200 CoD Points will get players the Bomb Squad bundle from the shop.