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Call Of Duty Rumors: Will The Franchise Take A Break In 2023?


It seems like the next Call of Duty videogame will be announced within the month, if not sooner. In light of recent rumors claiming that Call of Duty won’t be released again until 2023, the next title in the lengthy first-person shooting series, due out this year, may be its last installment. Call of Duty: Vanguard, originally came out in November of 2021, did poorly, prompting a change in the series’ customary yearly release cycle.

Even though Vanguard grossed less than its predecessors, Black Ops: Cold War, it also lacked the same number of gamers. Call of Duty: Vanguard’s underwhelming success might be ascribed to its setting and other shortcomings, such as a lack of material for its Zombies play mode. Some of the other games launched in the very same period may have also contributed to the decline of interest in Vanguard coupled with a general weariness with Call of Duty games. Activision may have decided to publish Call of Duty 2022 earlier because of Vanguard’s poor sales.

RalphsValve (via Game Rant), a well-known Call of Duty leaker, recently tweeted a graphic of a countdown with the date April 30. Activision might be intending to announce the next Call of Duty title in 2022 on that day, based on the date and picture. Nevertheless, RalphsValve confirms in a follow-up Twitter post that the game’s unveiling is still scheduled for some time in May. As a result, Activision is most likely to announce the reveal date along with the clock and the date of April 30. However, Activision could still publish a teaser video for it. Last year, the firm published a teaser video for CoD: Vanguard, which acted as an announcement for the game’s official unveiling.

Assuming the report from RalphsValve is accurate, we’ll get a sneak peek at this year’s Call of Duty game relatively soon.