Perhaps You Have experienced a feeling of heartburn after completing a meal? Or, how have you ever felt heartburn and/or torso pain whatsoever before? Oftentimes, heartburn may occur after eating certain foods, particularly highly fatty and acidic ones. Presently, 1 in 10 Americans encounter GERD symptoms such as heartburn. Are you or somebody you know among these 1 in 10 Americans? If this is so, you will find ways that you may help cure GERD and its symptoms. Though pharmaceutical drugs are frequently utilized to treat GERD, cannabis and distinct cannabinoids can help cure this disorder safely and efficiently. Keep reading to learn the function cannabis plays treating GERD and its symptoms.

What is GERD Exactly?

GERD describes chronic symptoms such as irreparable damage which was initially made by the abnormal reflux inside the human body’s esophagus. A lot of people experience acid reflux, which can be relatively common and not overly severe. But, chronic acid reflux in the shape of GERD can become a serious health problem. At the simplest of terms, GERD is made up of the yield of material inside the human body’s gut, which backs up into the esophagus. Next, if this happens, the stomach’s content may float up into your system’s esophagus.

(LES), that is in the entry of their human body’s stomach. If the LES does not shut correctly or if it opens frequently, it is feasible for stomach acid to maneuver in the human body’s esophagus and result in heartburn.

Ordinarily, the primary Therapy Method for GERD is that the usage of prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication. But several prescription drugs cause negative side effects. Luckily, however, different cannabinoids can fight GERD symptoms and unwanted side effects which happen from prescribed GERD drugs.

Moreover, specifically though, the ECS can display anti-secretory effects on gastric acid along with preventing inflammation and mucosal damage that is commonly believed by GERD patients. Your human body’s ECS also has an influence on the human body’s passing LES, which can be quite valuable for individuals suffering from GERD.

Generally, cannabis includes a broad Selection Of medicinal properties such as but not limited to the capacity to assist in improving acid reflux. But, among the most famous medicinal advantages of cannabis is its own analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, which may be helpful for treating GERD.

Additional Medicinal Benefits

Lately, It’s Been found that the CB2 receptor may downregulate inflammation and hypermotility in the disease condition. Your human body’s ECS may also enhance gut motility in the setting of inflammation as well as regulating intestinal propulsion. What’s more, one analysis concentrated on the management of Delta (9)-THC from GERD participants. To begin with, it is important to understand what TSLERs are earlier knowing the study’s outcomes. TSLERs are described as transient sphincter relaxations, that’s the overriding mechanism that is found in GERD patients. TSLERs happen after gastric stimulation and distension, and they are often known as the primary reason for GERD.

In the analysis Mentioned previously, it was found that Delta (9)-THC significantly reduced the amount of TSLERs in participants as well as causing a decrease in acid reflux episodes. But more research needs to be conducted to better understand the part of the human body’s ECS in clinical function and disorder. Thus far however, preliminary data demonstrates that there is a possible usefulness of cannabinoid receptors decreasing TSLERs in GERD patients.

In case you experience heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD, consider observing the foods that you eat since they might be worsening GERD symptoms, notably alcohol and caffeine. Above all else however, cannabis plays a vital role in assisting if you are considering giving cannabis a Chance, it is suggested to swallow it sublingually to stop Additional aggravation from occurring.


  1. It does work, unfortunately doctors are way too quick to prescribe Pantaprazole which like in my case caused severe Osteoporosis, this was the trade of they said to prevent esophageal cancer or the lazy doctors way to prevent it instead of explaining things properly and getting the patient to change their diet. I did my own research and got the hell off the proton pump inhibitors and no longer suffer from pain from lack of stomach acid and am hoping to restore some of my lost bone density.

    • Well done, Shawn.

      I got PPIs thrown at me willy-nilly by the doctors, even though my body keep rejecting them. All they want to do is force acid blockers at people to get you out of their surgeries, instead of getting to the source of WHY we reflux. I came off them and helped myself better to a less debilitating extent with diet and breathing exercises (learning to diaphragm breathe, reduced belching so reduces acid/enzymes coming up as gas too).

      The general medical establishment is super lazy when it comes to GERD. No amount of drugs are going to cure a weak LES valve! It’s mechanical. Pills won’t stop it or mend a hiatus hernia pushing on your valve. All you do is block acid that we need to fight off infection!

      It’s ridiculous because they are going to be hit by so many lawsuits when it is found acid blocking drugs are completely unnatural and often detrimental to the human body. I believe there is already a lawsuit going through the US re: kidney problems by long term PPI users.


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