Canadian at the heart of the Facebook data scandal collected by the Trump campaign

Seeing the results of the 2016 US Presidential election and the far right gaining popularity in the US, the Canadian Christopher Wilye has decided to unveil the system that allowed the Trump campaign to take advantage of more information. 50 million Facebook users without their permission.

Originally from British Columbia, this 28-year-old data analyst is the mastermind behind the Cambridge Analytica company and the key figure of the New York Times and The Observer investigation.

Donald Trump’s victory “really made me think about the effect that Cambridge Analatyca had on the election campaign,” Wilye told CBC’s The National.

During the campaign for the US presidential election, data firm Cambridge Analytica was hired by Donald Trump’s team to set up a program to establish profiles according to the activities of Facebook users. Thanks to this data, collected without the knowledge of users, the firm was able to influence the choice of US voters, he says.

“I thought I should talk now because I’ve seen what this company has done and I think people have a right to know,” says the data analyst.

Denouncing a social media giant like Facebook is intimidating, especially since I present myself as a whistleblower.

Christopher Wylie

According to Christopher Wylie, the practices of Cambridge Analytica are “extremely immoral,” but he believes that Facebook must also assume its share of responsibility.

On Sunday, Facebook announced that an “internal and external review” was underway to determine whether these millions of data still existed.

Facebook Vice President Paul Grewal said on the same day that the company is committed to “firmly” enforcing the privacy policies of its users.

Cambridge Analytica says that it “fully respects the terms of use of Facebook” and that it has no data from Facebook accounts in its possession.

According to the journalistic investigation, the data firm also played a major role in the referendum campaign that led to Brexit.

BJ Durant
BJ Durant
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