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Candy Crush Jelly Saga – Features, Characters And Boss Mechanic


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If you’re a diehard Candy Crush fan, then you know that there have been multiple variations of the game available for download. Fans have heir pick of the litter when it comes to Candy Crush games, with one more intriguing than the last. Today we’re going to talk about Candy Crush Jelly Saga, which has been out since 2016.

The game features a very interesting mechanic which hasn’t been present in the game in prior versions. This mechanic has made many question whether or not Jelly Saga is actually the best iteration of Candy Crush so far. You are of course more than welcome to find the answer to that question yourself, as the game is available for download.

What makes Jelly Saga so different?

There are two main things that stand out about this version of the game, actually. The first one we’re going to tackle is the Jelly situation. It’s not just called Jelly Saga for no reason. In fact, the game relies heavily on its Jelly mechanic, which involves spreading Jelly across the game board.

This is done in the traditional way of playing Candy Crush, by matching items together. The difference is that now they leave Jelly behind, so players need to create a trail.

The second and more important thing that sticks out about Jelly Saga is its boss mechanic. The game has received an interesting boss mechanic which has players fight against bosses generated by the game.

There are multiple bosses who need to be defeated, and they all have names that “encourage” you to do your best to beat them.  For instance, there is a boss called the Jelly Queen, and there is also Cupcake Carl.

Which is more punchable is up to you but you can be sure that you’re going to have a lot of fun battling these bosses. As refreshing and interesting as this new boss mechanic is, many are wondering where it comes from.

No wonder it has bosses now

In case you didn’t know, the company behind Candy Crush, King, has actually been acquired by another gaming company, specifically Activision Blizzard. This means that Candy Crush is now on the same roster with games like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, two franchises known for their dramatic “final battle” moments.

It would seem that the new management wasted no time in making Candy Crush Saga feel like one of the family, incorporated a very ingenious way of making the game feel less repetitive.

The importance of the characters

Aside from providing difficult boss battles, the game also puts a lot of focus on its other characters, some of them even having their own game mode. This puts Jelly Saga in a pretty high place as far as Candy Crush hierarchy goes, and fans seem to enjoy the diversity.