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Cardano ADA Potential Points Towards $100 Price Before 2018 Ends


When Cardano first appeared it was marketed as a Jack of all trades. This means that Cardano is able to do everything that the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum do, but better. This statement goes hand in hand with the fact that Cardano has ambitious goals such as going over the $1 psychological milestone and further.

Today we are going to present everything there is to know about Cardano, and why this cryptocurrency is expected to hit $100 before 2018 ends.

Third Generation Cryptocurrency

The first thing we need to mention about Cardano is that it’s regarded as a third generation cryptocurrency. The best thing about this cryptocurrency is that it can be easily updated without needing hard forks.

Traditionally, cryptocurrencies are depended on a large number of people who need to be on board with the new direction. The reason why this matters is because it can cause the cryptocurrency to stagnate in terms of value, and even to drop its price.

Luckily, Cardano’s ADA token is upgradable through “soft forks” that give users the ability to choose if they want or not the new upgrade.

Negligible and Complex Smart Transactions

Another great thing about Cardano is that all its exchanges are superfast, something that Bitcoin or Ethereum are not able to offer. This makes it easier for investors to trade their currencies and things get even better than this because Cardano is suited its with own wallet, Daedelus.

This wallet is an amazing piece of technology that features a friend UI (user interface) that’s also tailored to help investors perform trades.

Cardano ADA Has Great Potential

Seeing how Cardano offers the same features as Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside faster performance at the same time, no one should be shocked to hear that experts believe Cardano will reach the $100 milestone during 2018.