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CarPlay Will Support Google Maps And Waze Thanks To iOS 12


One of the novelties that went unnoticed after last Monday’s presentation is that you will be able to use navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze with CarPlay on iOS 12.

With the release of iOS 12, we’re going to win a few small but interesting improvements.

Among them is the possibility of using other map and navigation apps in a car with CarPlay. Let’s see in detail what it’s going to consist of.

What can we do with CarPlay on iOS 12?

CarPlay is the car entertainment system designed by Apple that connects to your iPhone.

With CarPlay, you can make phone calls, listen to music, send messages, and activate guided navigation. All this with the help of Siri, the system’s touchscreen, and buttons.

Initially, the only apps that could be used with CarPlay were the official Apple apps but, over the time, third-party apps and services have begun to arrive.

You can now use apps such as WhatsApp, Spotify, or Tidal without any restrictions.

With iOS 12, CarPlay users will be able to enjoy a new category of third-party apps, namely, non-Apple navigation systems.

This means that if you use Google Maps or Waze, you will now be able to use them with you CarPlay thanks to the new Apple iOS 12.

How to use other navigation apps in CarPlay on iOS 12?

CarPlay is a reflection of the apps on your iPhone. If you have a compatible system or car, just connect your iPhone to your car via cable or wireless connection, if you have one, enable the CarPlay feature and all your CarPlay-compatible apps should appear there immediately.

No need to install Google Maps or Waze on your car or do anything else. Just install the apps on your iOS 12-updated iPhone device and use them within CarPlay when you need them.