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CES 2016 – Dell UltraSharp Top 2016 Monitor


If you are using a notebook, there are few reasons why you should invest money in a monitor. Even so, Dell’s new product will leave you open-mouthed.

Dell has done a very good job in the past, launching monitors with spectacular specifications, which is really well suited for digital content creators, from Photoshop to Acad or architectural applications. At CES 2016, the same company took the idea of premium monitors to the extreme with probably the most expensive model on the market.

The new screen is worth $5,000, recommended selling price, is named Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q first two digits of the name is a reference to its 30-inch diagonal. Passing over the exorbitant price, a lot of it is due to the use of an OLED panel, a technology that, although has major benefits in displaying an absurd number of colors, still entail exorbitant production costs.

At the technology exhibition in Las Vegas held a few days ago, everyone who had the opportunity to interact, even just for a few minutes, with the new Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q were astonished by the experience. The use of an OLED panel was packaged with obvious advantages both on the color gamut and contrast side. The latter is 400,000: 1, a value that you could of have recorded in the past only on a few premium smartphones no bigger than 6 inches. At 30 inches, we are talking about an entirely different visual impact.

The most expensive monitor at this time, besides the 30 inches diagonal, has a 4K native resolution – 3840 x 2160 pixels. It can reproduce, without any compromise when it comes to viewing angles, of a number of 1.07 billion colors, in tandem with the appropriate video card. In technical terms, this means 100% of AdobeRGB’s spectrum and 97.8% of DCI-P3.

The response time is 0.1 milliseconds. The very thin frame of the monitor will only help you enjoy even more the brilliant images. Connectivity is quite generous, but if you opt for a video signal through a USB Type-C, the same cable will be sufficient for the power supply of the panel as well.