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CES 2016 News – LG To Announce New MiniBeam Projectors


There is not a lot of time remaining until the onset of CES 2016, and the developers from LG announce its new range of projectors.

During CES 2016, it seems that the developers at LG are planning to launch a new series of MiniBeam projectors. The three new projectors from the MiniBeam series (PH550, PW1000, PW1500 models) have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions and based on the design of previous models in the MiniBeam series. Koreans have only modified the thickness and new devices are thinner than the previous generation.

The new PH550 enables casting content to the projector from a smartphone or tablet using a Wi-Fi network. It can be connected to an audio system via Bluetooth and users can stay disconnected from the main power supply for up to 2.5 hours of operation, thanks to the internal battery.

PF1000U can project images with 100-inch diagonal positioned at a distance of just 38cm from the wall or screen. It should also be noted that PF1000U provides 1,000 lumens of brightness, consuming very little energy. PW1500, on the other hand, is capable of displaying images at 1500 lumens and is the brightest model in the whole series of projectors. Apparently, it is dedicated to “varied content consumers”.

“We are very excited about the launch of the new models in the MiniBeam series at CES 2016. With a wider variety than ever, LG MiniBeam projectors provide extended portability and wireless connectivity for enhanced user experience,” said Brian Kwon, President and CEO LG Home Entertainment Company.