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CES 2016 – Samsung Launches a New Range of SUHD TVs


Samsung recently introduced at CES 2016 its new range of SUHD TVs.

One of the main features of the new Samsung SUHD TVs is the Quantum dot screen, these are the first curved rimless models. Moreover, the South Korean company claims it will be easier for all users to access entertainment content all in one place, thanks to new functions. In addition, new TVs are compatible with SUHD 2016 IoT technology, so the TV could become the control center for a smart home.

“The new SUHD TVs is one of our most mportant accomplishments in innovation that matters most to our users because it provides the best picture quality for home” says Hyun Suk Kim, President of Visual Display Business for Samsung Electronics.

Before the launch of new devices, the Koreans seem to have conducted a market study in the United States. Thus, it seems that most of American users are watching programs or movies on TV with the lights on (86% in a weekday, 85% on weekends) and very few prefer darkness when they stand in front of the screen (14% on a weekday and 15% on weekends). The new TVs, however, have been designed to provide optimal viewing experience regardless of the brightness of the room.

By integrating the Tizen operating system, Samsung wanted to facilitate access to users favorite content and other services, movies or games. One of the most interesting feature is the remote. According to the Koreans, the new Samsung Smart TVs eliminates the need to use multiple remotes. The television automatically recognizes the type of set-top-box, console, VOD, home theater device connected. Thus, the user can control all external devices with a single remote only, without any other installation process.

Users also have access to the most realistic gaming experience available on a large screen without the need of a console. Over 500 games can be downloaded and played back directly on the Smart TV.