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CES 2016: Technics has the Best new headphones at CES


Technics EAH-T700, a unmemorable name for really unforgettable headphones

Two huge slabs of formed metal wrap around the best pair of headphones here at CES 2016: the Technics EAH-T700s.

According to the reports, after touring over all the head phone makers, the best headphone at CES which was found was Technics.

On initial examination, the T700s appear as if one among those over-engineered German sedans that have 68-way adjustable seats — every ear pad pivots ninety degrees and conjointly slides back and forth likewise as up and down — which will make sometimes the user cautious that the default style simply is not all that nice.

However that tension will be in real time dispelled once the user will place them on.

These headphones don’t seem to be light-weight, advisement 470g; however their weight will be distributed well across the user’s head which will make the user very comfortable.

They’re spacious enough to accommodate even the biggest of ears and also the strap of the headphones is very nicely cushioned.

THE T700S do not appear as if THEY’D BE nice moveable HEADPHONES, however they’re

There are several glorious sets of headphones here at CES. However to urge the foremost out of them, you always need an infatuated amplifier and DAC, that adds both the price and bulk of any doubtless portable devices.

According to the users of the iPhone 6s, when they plugged in the Technics T700s they were just amazed and filled with pleasure with such beautiful beats. Rated at 28 Ohms, they will be simply driven from a mobile device and their sound is impressive enough to form external DACs and amps entirely facultative.

According to the reports people are just loved these pair of headset and it’s like someone tuned these cans to their exact precise preference, with a powerful, pronounced bass that ne’er overwhelms the remainder of a recording.

High details are just gift and tangible as low-end boom, that is perhaps all the way down to the dual-driver system that Technics uses. There is associate angular 50mm dynamic driver, that is embedded within that metal shell, and a separate, otherwise angular  14mm “super speaker unit or tweeters.”.

With the T700s, the people who have tried them are okay with all the same old exaggerations that come back from earpiece corporations which are Premium, hard-line, superlative and etcetera.

FOUR-FIGURE value FOR SOUND that creates you to employ FOUR-LETTER EXPLETIVES

Everything feels right and true and correct with these headphones. The people use to be effusive in their praise of the Fostex / Massdrop TH-X00s; however as per reports this masterpiece sound is much higher.

For a collection of closed headphones, Technics’ T700s have associate imposingly wide sound stage, and that I will pinpoint the precise position of each percussion instrument splash. They are simply a pleasure to concentrate to.

The only disadvantage or negative points which according to the reports, are like the ear heats up and as mentioned it’s a bit heavy headphones so not everyone would feel comfortable in this as they are large too, so some people would not like it because of these points.

And above all if we talk about its price, yes there is a price for this masterpiece. Take a deep breath.

The Technics T700s price $1,200. We can’t say really like this much amount is worth or not but yes the sound quality is damn good the user will surely enjoy it.

The T700s, will be available from the month of February before Technics’ revival of the SL-1200 turntable makes it debut.

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