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CES 2016 Upadte: Samsung Awes Audience At Event With Smart Remotes, Smart Washing Machines And A $5000 Refrigerator


Samsung’s presentation at the CES 2016 has been beyond compare.

The devices that it has always been producing under the home appliances section are now being prepared to meet the future of technology, which is exactly that the company showed off at the convention.

It made things very clear; this brand is ready to go to the next level.

When we say next level, we really mean it, in terms of feature and in terms of prices as well.

Starting from small things like a smart remote, the company has gone out of its way to change the face of the products we use at home and has come up with things like a smart fridge as well.

Granted, the devices launched are smart, but at this stage, they are all very expensive and can only be afforded by the affluent.

However, technology is becoming cheaper with age and if the response is good, there may be major price drops in future.

Let us start with the smallest things first. Samsung introduced a smart remote in the CES.

This remote can be used to control all devices in your house, be it your television, your audio system, your set top box or your blu-ray player.

The remote can also be used to control other forms of media players and gaming consoles as well, although it works best with the Samsung smart TV.

The second device that we were quite interested to see was the Galaxy TabPro S that is Samsung’s Windows 10 based tablet.

The tablet is a 12 inched device, and seems to have been launched to combat the Microsoft Surface and the iPad Pro.

It can provide a 10.5 hour back up and the screen output for 4k videos is also not exceptional, but it is anyways a great device to own.

The third important development we saw was the ‘Add Wash’ feature in the washing machines.

This feature will enable users to add clothes to the machine even when the washing is in progress.

There would be a special ‘Add Wash’ door in future washing machines, as well as a pause button.

You can pause the wash and add any more clothes as per your wish.

The biggest feature however, was the $5000 fridge that is definitely, every homemaker’s dream.

Not only does the refrigerator tell you about the food habits of your family, it also has cameras inside it, that will let you peer into the fridge even when you are not at home through an app in your smartphone.

This will help you shop for groceries through an app in the FamilyHub called ‘Groceries by Mastercard’.

The cameras will keep taking pictures of the contents inside whenever you open and close the door, so it can find out how much supplies are still left.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was not seen at this event.