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CES 2016 Update – LG Comes With New K Series Smartphones


CES 2016 at Las Vegas will be a real star studded occasion with all the major brands putting forth their best technology. After roll able displays, the next big thing that we can expect from LG Electronics is a brand new range of smartphones, which the company brands as the K Series phones.

The LG K series phones will be the best in terms of camera specifications and it is said that the technology they will bring in terms of Camera specifications will also be way more advanced than what most other brands are expected to bring to the smartphones in the near future.

The devices in the range that will be seen first are the LG K10 and the LG K7, both of which we are going to heavily cover in our posts in News4C as soon as more is revealed about them.

The K7 and the K10 are both very premium looking and feature the glossy pebble motif. The devices are designed to suit the needs of the young generation. The premium look is lent by the 2.5D Arc glass that encompasses the phone.

A notable point that might hint at the exclusive design is the fact that the phones do not feature any side buttons. Sounds really great right? It is; we are still waiting for more information on how LG managed such a wonderful arrangement in design!

The rear casing of the phone is designed in a way so as to provide a great grip. The pattern on the cover provides a better hold, much like the Moto X Play, that comes with a rubbery back and a very intricate pattern and prevents the phone from slipping from your hands.

Both the phones will come with good Quality camera as well. The K10 for example, will come with 13 MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

We mentioned that the phone will come with enhanced camera software and controls. An important  feature of the phones are the Gesture Shot and Gesture Interval Shot, both of which are popular amongst the flagship devices of LG.

Gesture Shot will allow you to take a selfie if you raise the hand and make a fist in front of it. If you clench your fist at least two times in front of the lens then Gesture interval shot is activated and the phone will then take 4 pictures consecutively.

This and a lot more will be seen at the CES 2016 at LG’s Keynote, and News4C will keep you covered!