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CES 2016 Update : LG To Shock Users With Rollable Display At CES 2016


LG is a big force when it comes to manufacturing of devices, particularly in the home appliances section.

The company has always been at the best of its production capabilities, be it high class refrigerators or smart televisions.

CES 2016 is going to be a big platform for LG to show off its products.

As has been mentioned by various sources over the internet, the company is also going to be showing off the K series mobile phones.

The line up will be that of camera centric phones, with premium looks and an affordable price range.

However, this is not all that the company is going to bring to the CES. Reports state that the company will be showcasing a rollable smart TV.

LG rollable display as the name suggests is actually rollable. Imagine TV being rolled up like a newspaper and carried in pockets.

In this technology driven consumer market LG’s this product is ready to showcase in Consumer electronics show- 2016.

This 18 inch OLED TV (Organic Light-emitting diode)rollable electronic device can be rolled upto a radius of 3 centimeters, is 3 mm thick and features a 1,200 by 810 pixel resolution which means advanced picture quality, expanded colour capabilities , enhanced sound and definitely slim.

This slim portable device also gives a good news of consuming less electricity as compared to conventional TV used now a days. The technology used in this device offers equal vision from any angle.

It gives same effect no matter from which angle the person is watching.

Imagine an advertisment running on Television while you are walking around your house or driving on a long highway tour. Amazing isn’t it?

Consumer electronics manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia and Sharp have experimented with foldable and flexible smart phones.

However LG’s this rollable device is definitely going to amaze constomers.

Flat smatphones and ipads being hard to carry consumers can now switch to rollable and easy to carry device.

In 2014, LG promised to showcase this rollable device and it definitely is going to prove the commitment this CES 2016.

Other than LG, notable other brands like Oculus VR, HTC, Samsung, Microsoft and Sony are all going to be present at the convention and show off their best products. We are going to keep you covered with more updates.