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CES 2016 Will Be Dedicated To Virtual Reality – Here Is Why


The Consumers Electronics Show 2016 is expected to be held in January in Las Vegas.

The show will be an expo for all the top brands in the world, who will showcase their best products for users to buy.

However, this year, it seems like the scene at the CES will be dominated by the Virtual Reality products.

The best VR products will be seen here; Oculus will showcase the Oculus Rift, HTC will come with the HTC Vive and Sony will be back in action with the PlayStation Virtual Reality system.

With so many competitors, Microsoft is also being expected to come up with the Hololens, that is already under its testing phases by Microsoft insiders, not to forget Samsung with its $99 VR headset, which will be a part of the tech extravaganza as well.

Speaking of virtual reality, the concept in itself is a revolutionary idea. You putting on glasses and getting transferred to a world which is starkly different from the world you live in was something only imagined in dreams and sci fi musings of past scientists.

Well all that is coming to life now, with major concentration on users not having to travel, but playing games that will give a close to reality experience.

The CES 2016, in all is expected to feature about 40 such VR devices and other platforms like gaming consoles, mobiles, household products and even modern technology combined with futuristic robotics, each having their own specialty.

Almost a 77% growth has been expected as compared to the CES held last year.

As per the Consumer Technology Association that heads the CES, the VR platform is an unexplored world with a lot to work upon even now.

The expected sale in the market is estimated to be at least 1.2 million units in 2016, amounting to almost 540 million in one year.

Some brands like Next Vr have already started streaming NBA games and US Open Golf as live programs in the US, but others still have to make a debut in this sector.

Other products that you might want to look out for in the CES 2016 are the Robotic vaccum cleaner from LG that serves as a home guard as well, the 360 degree 3D cameras that can help you create the VR content and an array of mobile phones.