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Cheap and Best Smartphones to Buy in 2016


2016 began with the CES event in January, which brought to the world handsets that work not only of good quality but we’re also cost effective. This means that this event has set the course for the rest of the phones to be produced in this year.

We all want to buy a good phone and somehow the trend has been in buying phones which are highly priced. But buying an expensive phone is not the only solution because many pieces and features that even a mid range handset could have.

They would be a lot of handsets in 2016 that you could purchase and the good news is that they would all cost you less than $200.

When we talk of a good handset the first name that comes to our mind would be an Apple iPhone, followed by a Samsung Galaxy, and some LG devices.

But now with so many features available and even midrange phones, users have changed their opinions and ask missing over to simpler and lesser known brands.

So even those users who have issues with the budget can expect a good phone in depositions in 2016.

So how do you determine which phone is good for you? The first thing that we would advise you to see apart from price of course, is the internal memory, the Ram and then the processor.

The software version would of course be the one to appear next on your list and then you can follow up with display requirements.

The list of budget phones won’t start with Motorola, needless to say. We are expecting the Moto G 2015, to be one of the handsets to be available in 2016 at a price below $200.

The second phone that could be a good choice would be the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. The only problem with this phone is the 2000 mAh battery. This phone would cost you $ 179.

Our third phone in question would be Asus ZenFone 2. The phone is priced at dollar 199 Only and you can get black, silver, gold, red and other colours in future for this device.

The Moto e 2015 is another phone that you can get for Only Dollar 149.