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Cheltenham Fire Broke Near a Golf Course – Now Under Control


About 18 km from the CBD, which is near the Cheltenham Golf Club and a local cemetery, caught fire, forcing residents to leave their homes after the fire quickly got out of control.

The fire which began in a nature reserve was put down and residents were able to go back to their homes.

The suburbs of Cheltenham, Beaumaris, Black Rock and Mentone received a Watch and Act message, but the fire was controlled.

Roads have been closed in the meantime and about 40 homes had to be evacuated while the fire got put down. There were about 70 firefighters, 4 helicopters and over a dozen trucks to put out the fire, which started in a bushy area in the suburb.

But the area will still be investigated by a big emergency service to assess the cause of the fire.

It seems that the fire started in the natural fauna reserve and spread to grassland, according to Brendan Angwin, the Assistant Chief Fire Officer.

Fortunately, the fire didn’t get to any structures, but it burned 5-6 hectares of fauna.

He said the blaze had burnt about 5 or 6 hectares and there were no reports of any lost structures. Brendan Angwin also said that the fire ‘It burned up to the back of the school, it damaged some fences at the rear of Glebe Ave but firefighters with the support of helicopters have done an extremely good job to check this fire’.

The fire also burned some grassland in the cemetery.

As for the cause of the fire, officials haven’t found it yet.

Hot Weather Can Make Casualties

Inspector Bruce Kitchen said that hot weather should make us pay more attention to our surroundings and if the fire wouldn’t have been put out this fast, ‘this could have been quite devastating’.

That day recorded 34 degrees Celsius in Cheltenham and 37 degrees Celsius in Geelong. The MFB acted fast and got 3 minutes after they received the call.