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Chevrolet Electric Car: Environment Friendly, CES 2016 Another Gift


With gradual hike in gas price, growing global warming issues , more and more of the automobile manufacturers are investing on electricity driven vehicles.

Automakers are modifying the popular vehicle models into electric vehicles.

This means that electric vehicles are now achieving speed and performance much closer to gasoline-powered vehicles.

With growing economy, more of middle class people are switching to low range electricity and battery operated vehicles.

As compared to gasoline driven vehicles, electricity driven vehicles is preferred for number of reasons:

  • Electricity driven vehicles have only one moving part which leads to  less periodic maintenance and  more affordable.
  • Electric car is cheaper as there is no gasoline tank, gasoline pump, gasoline engine and no carburetor but there is battery, charger, electric motor and controller.
  • Electric cars runs faster than the fuel driven cars. As compared to approximately 18 miles for $1.00, electric car will run 43 miles which is more than twice.
  • The internal combustion engines in the electric cars uses lead – acid batteries which 98% recycled across the world.
  • Spending on electricity is also lesser than the  fuel cost. Almost 70% reduction in the filling charges.
  • And the good news is technology will soon let the electric vehicle batteries to store energy produced by solar as well as wind power.

However  the electric vehicle owners will have to face a number of challenges  like the availability of skilled service technicians to maintain the electric vehicles ,  limited range available for current battery technologies and availability of infrastructure to recharge the battery on roads.

Chevrolet, referred to as Chevy and formally known as the Chevrolet division of General Motors Company introduces Chevrolet Bolt – a  cute  small cross over SUV.

With  seating capacity of five passengers, Chevrolet Bolt makes it’s official debut in CES 2016.

One pedal vehicle is comfortable, spacious and has the refueling capacity t 80% in about 30 minutes. It’s a luxury car as we all know it.

Nissan Leaf, Tata Megapixel, Toyota Prius, Tesla Model S  Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid: Ford Focus electric/Toyota RAV4 electric tieare some of the Electric car models already runninghigh on the roads.

Along with Chevrolet Bolt Electric due to launch in August 2016, Chevrolet Spark Electric is planned to be launched by October 2017.

A noble venture  of Chevrolet to save our planet.