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Chrome Privacy Stronger than Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge Browser?


When the internet is all about nabbing other’s personal details, securing yourself is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Think about it – one morning, you wake up and you find that the all your personal details have been hacked.

You can no longer login to your email addresses, to your internet banking page and even your social network profile.

All of a sudden you remember that you had used these pages in a public cyber café.

That’s it – that caused the problem. But what do you do then? Nothing.

There is no other option for a standard person to do anything but to stand and watch his personal world crumbling around him.

An unnerving thought like this should make you well aware of the importance of security over the internet.

So which browser to you pick for your Windows 10 device? Do you go with Google Chrome or stick to Microsoft Edge Browser?

Latest browser tests have implied that Chrome proved faster in terms of browsing in at least two out of three tests.

However, in terms of loading Javascript, the Edge browser excelled.

This means that content loads much faster in the Edge browser and it is less likely to face script crashes.

In terms of ease of use and layout, you’ll have to let Google chrome take the price.

Be it availability of options or the ability to customize the browser as per your preferences, there is no doubt that this browser does an excellent job.

Edge does not provide users with simple options like ‘Open in incognito page’ or ‘save link as’ which are extremely important aspects of browsing.

Users who have good command over the usage of internet have often expressed irritation over the Edge’s lack of options even when you right click on any blank page.

We get to see the options to reload, print, go back or forward and even to translate the page to English in Chrome, but in Edge the only great option is the option to ask Cortana.

When we talk of privacy in public computers, the most important factor is to have a browsing session that will store no data.

You never know, auto fill options might be turned on and whatever you are typing may just be getting noted by the browser.

Anyone who walks in next will be in the lucrative position to get all that information ready.

In this case, it is important to have a private browsing session.

Such sessions not only let your typed items not get stored, but it also does not store information on the websites you have visited recently and the likes.

That way you browse everything from a public computer, no one knows what you have done and life goes on.

This is available on Google Chrome in the top right corner of the page in the settings.

Here you get to ‘Open in incognito window’ and nothing gets recorded.

Unfortunately Edge has not come up with something like this yet, so you’d be better of sticking to Chrome for your privacy requirements.