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Chrome Will Support Google Play Store


Google recently employed a bunch of Android developers with one purpose in mind, to create ARC (App Runtime for Chrome). ARC basically allows Chrome to run Android exclusive specific apps. Even though there already are a couple of Android apps that can be used by Chrome, Google isn’t settling at that. Rumor has it that Google is set on bringing all the apps that can be found on Google Play Store to Chrome.

Google Play Store To Support Chrome

Reports are showing that Chrome users are being notified with some intriguing messages. The messages we are talking about are hinting towards the fact that a huge number of Android apps are coming their way. When Chrome users click on the Settings panel, the following message appears “Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook”. Worth mentioning is that the message doesn’t stay for long and disappears in a few seconds. This might be a bug in Chrome’s code. Although we should mention that there is a huge number of Chrome users who have confirmed this.

Chrome Source Code

More interestingly, Chrome’s source code also mentions upcoming Android exclusive applications. The code line which hints towards an upcoming Google Play Store integration states “Choose from over a million apps and games on Google Play to install and use on your Chromebook”. If this doesn’t confirm that Chrome will be able to support Google Play Store in the upcoming future, then we don’t know what does.

Microsoft Store

What does this mean for Microsoft Store app developers? Well, they might be running out of jobs. Taking in consideration the fact that Google Play Store includes over one million of independent apps, we think it’s safe to say that no one will be looking at Microsoft Store anymore. Although, Microsoft Store developers can focus more on enhancing already existing apps rather than creating new ones. Nonetheless, we can be happy that there’s a high competition in the app industry. In the end, customers are the only ones who will benefit from this because app developers will be forced to lower their prices to be able to compete.