We’re surrounded with water.

Admired it, but I wonder just how much consideration we have contributed to the moon’s impact on it?

Another day, a viewer called to inquire about tides. He said he discovered

That seems absurd, but it is completely correct. The expression describes this Activity of these seas springing outside and then springing back. A spring tide is a wave during which the gap between low and high tide is the best. We have come to understand this occurs during the complete moon period, but were you aware that it happens during the moon also?

Spring tides occur when the moon is full or fresh since the Greater tides occur during those moon periods because sunlight also exerts a gravitational pull in our oceans, Though It is only 46 percent as powerful as the moon

A week afterwards, during either of the two quarter moon periods, when the Sun and moon are at right angles to one another and their tidal impacts partly cancel out each other,
“neap” tides happen, and the tidal range is minimal.

The Greatest high tide and the lowest low tide don’t occur on the Date of the new or full moon. Since the waters require a little bit of time to catch up to the geometry of this moon, spring and neap tides normally happen about a day following the various lunar cycles.

This month’s new moon stage is May 15, therefore we can anticipate spring tides May 16 and 17.


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